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I need to have some sites that are strictly website. How do I turn off email. Any email that is sent from the server to that domain fails because it tries to go local. zeroing the email numbers doesn’t remove the domain.

You can do this as root on the server with this command


Many thanks

I should be able to enable or disable services on a site by site basis through the control panel. I have several other CPs and they all make it easy.



add the domain again?

Sometimes a customer starts only with web and transfers the emailservices later. Still they usually need their website to be able to send emails to their domain (like contact forms) which only works if you remove the domain from emailservices first (otherwise always trying to deliver to local).


vdeldomain will also stop the ability to add pointer or sub-domains.

When using vadddomain, you need a second parameter, which becomes the password of the postmaster@ account that is created;

/var/vpopmail/bin/vadddomain newpassword

Thanks EverythingWeb, that was good info :slight_smile:


There’s a little more involved than that.

When adding a domain with vadddomain, the default mail store is in /var/vpopmail/domains/

On an InterWorx box, the default mail store is in /home/domainco/var/ We actually symlink /var/vpopmail/domains/ to /home/domainco/var/ when you create a new SiteWorx account.

If, at any point, you vdeldomain and then vadddomain a domain, you’ll need to reset up that symlink manually yourself. So, the steps would be:

1.) Check that /home/domainco/var/ is empty or move it out of the way temporarily (e.g., /home/domainco/var/ Take note of any existing email accounts in that directory.

2.) vadddomain the domain back in, just like Everything web said

3.) Move /var/vpopmail/domains/ to /home/domainco/var/

4.) Point (via symlink) /var/vpopmail/domains/ to /home/domainco/var/

5.) Recreate any mailboxes that were in the original /home/domainco/var/ directory

6.) Copy over the contents from /home/domainco/var/ into /home/domainco/var/

Thanks for the steps Socheat, they will surely be handy to have at times


vdeldomain will also stop the ability to add pointer or sub-domains.

Actually as of InterWorx version 3.0.2, this shouldn’t be true any more :slight_smile:


Ah lovely - I just remember it being ‘part’ of the effect in earlier versions :wink:

Cheers Paul :smiley: