Weird Duplicate Email Problem


On my server where where I am running Interworx just a couple sites on the server, two primary sites.

One of the sites is having a trouble time with getting (downloading POP3) duplicate emails. It has only been 2 or 3 duplicates and today he is telling me he is getting 10 of the very same emails, regardless of who it is from (these are legitimate emails not spam)

The person is using Outlook for the email client and the same with others in his office and they are ALL using Outlook.

Also he told me some customers are complaining that any time OS Commerce sends out a email to his customers (email receipts etc) whether its manually generated or auto generated.

But the duplicate emails is driving him and everyone in his office batty!

Now I run my sites on the same serve (I am using Outlook Express) and am NOT having duplicate email problem.

Would this be server related qmail SMTP? I cant seem to find an answer anywhere any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you see the offending emails in the mail queue?


No I didnt

I’m also getting sporadic duplicate emails now. I’d love for posts like these to finish to some resolution instead of just stopping the conversation before it gets started. Maybe you should delete the entire thread if nobody is going to offer any solutions.

Whoisjb, your problem is that you are receiving duplicate emails from outside sources sending to accounts on your server, correct? What is your SMTP inbound timeout (System Services -> Mail Server-> MTA Settings, MTA SMTP Options (Outbound) box)

Thanks for the response! :slight_smile: Yes, we have some duplicates occurring from outside sources but I’ve also noticed a few from internal domains. It doesn’t happen all the time though. My timeout is 1200 seconds. The inbound connections was original set at 20 but I changed it to 60. Not sure what either should be. We’ve also had reports of delays on receiving messages, up to three hours or more.

We have most of our servers set to 1200 for inbound timeout as well. Do you notice that while it doesn’t happen all the time but, when it does happen, it’s the same domain(s) each time? Do you notice if it’s on certain emails, like medium-to-large size emails or emails with attachments?

I’ve tried to look for any patterns and I can’t find any. How do you determine where to set your inbound connections? Is 60 too high? Not high enough?

Lately I’ve been getting reports of duplicating emails–specifically outgoing mail to outside server addresses. I’m trying to troubleshoot more specifics… ISPs, user mail apps, attachments, etc… but something odd is going on.

I’ll post as I find out more…

As a follow up to this, my wife pointed out to me when she connected “sometimes” while using Outlook 2000 and while trying to email a attached file over 1mb Outlook actually hung up and would resend that file out again and again, making it seem like the server was doing it. She has since upgraded to Outlook 2007 and hasn’t had that trouble.