welcome - test page

How do I get rid of the annoying “welcome you must have done something right for once” test page so that I can see the pages that have been uploaded. Please keep the answer simple - I am new to this and the support help has been less than useless so far “we only provide the software - not our problem” was the gist of the help message!!

Hi Dave,

We aren’t ignoring you; we truly have no control over your issue, as we stated in our support responses. We make the software your hosting company uses to maintain their servers, and not your hosting company itself (think of this situation as similar to calling your television manufacturer when you want to turn on cable service).

To best help, however:

To replace the default splash screen, you need to make sure that the initial page of your site, the ‘front page’, is named index. The file extension doesn’t matter, you should leave it same as it is now, but the name of the file needs to be index. It also needs to be sitting in the public_html directory under your account.