What data center does everyone recommend?


Now that I got that out of the way, what data centers do you all recommend? I am fed up with my DC so looking for a good DC to move to. I don’t need managed services, so if that’s there business don’t bother posting them either, just data centers with unmanaged servers and co location.
[SIZE=2]I would like to stay with interworx, but if no good datacenters have Interworx I will gladly ditch it for better service and less network down time. [/SIZE]

I take it you are still suffering from Sago’s core router “upgrade?” I will be moving to Steadfast pretty shortly as I was with Sago previously. Worst case is you can buy your license directly from interworx and then just choose the datacenter of your choice. I have had good experiend with gnax in atlanta.

Yep, and sadly downtime and slow networks has been a problem for a year now that I have been with Sago, but it has until today been better then anywhere else I have been with.

I lost about 5k in advertising revenue today, I have employees to pay and bills to pay, so I can’t afford this type of down time,

Having load balanced servers is great but doesn’t do much then they are in the same DC with network issues.

I have worked with Foundry equipment and in DC’s in the past, there is NEVER an excuse for more then 30-45 minutes of downtime EVER.


Let me know if you need anything.

(We have our own racks within steadfast, because we love their bandwidth options, might be able to pass some savings on to you. Let me know if you need anything)


Steadfast looks promising, how is there support? Does it take an hour to get a reboot? (When its do down I cant get to SSH) Also how is there network up time? Only thing I don’t like on the DS is its 20 more a month plus 10 for interworx.

Oh and the setup fee lol guess I am cheap. Anyway won’t be able to move untill like Jan-Feb of next year anyway from the looks of the books.

We and Steadfast both have all our servers sitting on reboot switches - it takes closer to 10 seconds for a reboot. This is pretty important for everyone at Equinix as their security rivals that of the Pentagon - and moving through the facility can’t exactly be done swiftly.

The InterWorx cost will have to be eaten somewhere - Chris isn’t handing it out free to us :slight_smile: Both of our companies charge slightly more than some, because it’s Equinix - the same data centers that Google and PayPal use. We make up some cost in having zero transport costs on bandwidth (the carrier networks have their routing in the same building too), in the end it’s well-worth the few extra bucks for Equinix’s 100% power uptime SLA and one serious obligation for them to deliver it to their customers.

I think there is a misconception here – your data center does not need to support InterWorx to use InterWorx. It’s nice to have native support with the DC but not required. All you need to do is get them to provision a server with a base install of the OS you want (one of InterWorx’s supported distros: fedora, centos, redhat) and you can get a licence directly from InterWorx and install it yourself or have them install it for a fee (about $50 USD I think) if you are not comfotable with it I’ve done an install several times and it’s not that hard.

I think there is a misconception here – your data center does not need to support InterWorx to use InterWorx.

This is true, at least in many cases. Although some dedicated providers don’t allow use of unsupported software entirely as they’re ignorant as to how to deal with it, others will allow it but just say “sorry” when something goes wrong they would have otherwise fixed, and a lot of dedicated providers that don’t advertise InterWorx will have no problem letting you set it up yourself and use it on your own accord. If you’ve got a dedicated host in mind, I’d make sure to ask them what their policies are in this area beforehand, but there is definately a chance that it won’t cause a problem.

Well I would like a dedicated provider that has interworx, I don’t like the idea of oh crap SSH is down and I cant reboot my own server, and they don’t support the panel so they don’t support my server (this has happened to me server times even though they said it would be no problem)

I do hate the idea of leaving sago been the best provider I have had, the 6-7 others I have used all had to many problems, and it was always a combo of billing and stability or billing and support. Anyway I have to wait until all is fixed anyway to get my backup downloaded. Stupid me had my backup set to back on my server and then to send it to an off site FTP account every Sunday. Why didn’t they do the mess up today or not at all lol.

Anyway Steadfast seems like the est option at the moment.

www.interhouse.net and www.ikcs.com and www.goscomb.co.uk :smiley: Theyre good.

I have a hard time believeing any data center would refuse to reboot a server because they didn’t like your control panel – other support, perhaps, but be veru suprised if they refused to do a hard reboot for you.

chetaweb, great service.
ev1, cheap service