What directory is tinydns data in?

hi all:

where is the main data file for name-based domains at on interworx?


You can see the generated tinydns config file in /usr/local/interworx/var/lib/dns/data

That file is generated via the fively cron from the internal interworx database tables.

That file is combined with other files in the same directory with the name format: data-sync_*
to make the data-combined file, which is compiled into the data.cdb file (which is then copied to the “live” location, /var/djbdns/tinydns/root/data.cdb.

Does that help?

hi paul:

thx for the reply. i think i have it worked out. i had to restore a site and it appears that the restore also restored the old dns time stamp/serial #. since i use secondary dns, i was getting a mis-match on the SOA. i added an ‘A’ record and the zone updated. now i’m just working out a few things on dyndns’s end (they changed the IP’s of their ns’s).