What does the Backup /Restore Backup?

I am wondering, does the “Backup” command in Siteworx, back up the MySQL database along with the site files?

EDITED TO SAY: OK, I just found out that if the Backup is set to Full Backup, it will backup the site files, databases, and email.

Which brings up the question, what does the partial back up, back up?

I thought you could check off what you want to backup, either web, mail, db or all?

That’s true. If you select partial backup in the control panel, then you’ll see three check boxes for files, dbs and email and you can select which ones you’d like to back up, or choose all of them, which would be the same as choosing Full Backup.

Just to add to Greg’s comment, a full backup backups everything (website data, email accounts, email groups, email files, databases, database users, cronjobs, SSL data, etc, etc).

A partial backup allows you to backup any combination of the following 3 things:

  • Website data
  • Email data (it does not restore email accounts. it simply restores any email data for existing accounts)
  • Database data (not database users and permissions, just databases themselves)

When you choose partial backup, you will get three checkboxes, allowing you to choose which combination of website, email, and database data you want to back up.

OK FABOULOUS! That was the information I was looking for.

Maybe for the next release that info can be added to the “?” in the BackUp area of Siteworx. Very good info to have to clarify things.


Yes, but unless it’s been changed, a partial backup containing all three components is NOT enough to re-create the SiteWorx accunt from NodeWorx. If you want to do that, make sure to do the FULL backup.