What now? CentOS stream or switch to AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux, or ...?

I’ve been using CentOS for the last 15 years… as many of you.
Now we need to setup a new server (and prepare to migrate the old ones), so the question is: what OS should we start using ? CentOS stream 9 ? or switch to AlmaLinux or Rocky Linux ?


From an InterWorx perspective, at the moment your best options are AlmaLinux 8 or Rocky 8. Most of our direct customers look to be going with Rocky. Our parent company is going with AlmaLinux for their managed hosting customers and Rocky for their managed applications customers. Once InterWorx 8 is released, we’ll add support for AlmaLinux 9 and Rocky 9. We’ve taken some preliminary steps to see what CentOS Stream support would look like, but there is little appetite by our major stakeholders to move too far from the enterprise Linux base. That base will remain the target and the base that gets the most testing/use.

Personally, I’m more in the Rocky camp, but it’s more of a gut feeling than any obvious technical reasoning.

We were hard-pressed to decide between Rocky and AlmaLinux too - in the end we went for AlmaLinux, purely on the basis that the main force behind it (CloudLinux) are very much targeted to the web hosting and web applications market.

So far where we have made the switch we’re very happy with Alma 8. Very much looking forward to being able to go to Alma 9 when InterWorx supports it!

We are working very hard on Alma/Rocky 9 support for InterWorx 8. We have a rough system “working” on Alma/Rocky 9, but we need to implement a few major changes in things like our network/IP handling to work with the changes to the networking stack in the EL9 clones.

No solid timeline on it’s release yet. Our parent company is jumping directly from IW6 to IW8 and they will want extensive time to test with their specific environment and needs, so some of the timeline is out of our hands entirely.

Just out of curiosity i intend on going with AlmaLinux8 however in preplanning do you know what DB version will come out of the box and other components it would be helpful to know.
I was already on this forum so figured i would ask before even starting my research for migration.

The default at the moment is MariaDB 10.6 LTS which is the same as on CentOS 7. Though you can provide a newer/different version at the time of install if you’d like. More information can be found here: How to: Install InterWorx Control Panel — InterWorx documentation