What’s New With InterWorx, March 2023

Hello! Your Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager, here! Just a quick update on what we currently have in active development, some new features, and things to know.

Some good news!

  • Support for AlmaLinux and Rocky Linux 8 is nearing public release! There will be announcements on the forum, blog, and Facebook when that hits the Release channel. CloudLinux 8 will also be supported.

  • We added a new file manager in IW7, using Tiny File Manager. It is technically currently in public beta, so some features may change, though it is stable for production use. Documentation related to the new file manager can be found here: File Manager — InterWorx documentation

Things in Active Development

  • We are currently working on AlmaLinx and Rocky Linux 9 support. There is no ETA at this time
  • A new major release version for InterWorx (IW8). More information will be provided, soon.This version will be released concurrently with AlmaLinux/Rocky 9 support, so, again, no ETA at this time

Things to Know:

Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or general comments! We are always interested in customer input. :slight_smile:

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager