when does ImageMagick get installed?

We recently migrated accounts from one interworx server to another. The server that we transferred accounts to is one from eliterax and interworx/centos was installed by those kind folks. I had some problems uploading files to our image gallery (coppermine) and ran into a few generic error messages. I ended up discovering that Image Magick wasn’t installed on the server we moved accounts to. I manually installed ImageMagick using yum from root and that took care of my issue. I didn’t want to turn this into a bug report because I don’t think it’s a bug, just maybe something overlooked. Other portions of the gallery worked fine, if I was a client without shell access trying to diagnose this problem I would of had a pretty hard time since coppermine generally won’t install without ImageMagick/GD. Somehow coppermine migrated over with portions of it not working because of ImageMagick missing.

ImageMagick doesn’t get installed by Iworx. If it isn’t installed by the default install of the OS then you will have to do what you did and yum it in.

If ImageMagick isn’t installed by Iworx, then scriptworx can’t properly installed coppermine. The only alternative to ImageMagick is GD and GD is disabled by php.

Also ImageMagick was installed on our other interworx server. I did the installation of the OS on the other server and ImageMagick existed. I never installed it and I know it doesn’t come with CentOS. Interworx would of had to of installed it at some point.

This post probably belongs in the scriptworx forum but I noticed that after I posted this:)

Interesting, I’ve had 2 centOS5 iworx boxes setup one just last week and they didn’t come with ImageMagick installed.

As I said Justin, more then likely this is something the interworx guys need to air out. What probably happens is, during a fresh coppermine installation (the first on a server) using scriptworx, scriptworx probably installs ImageMagick because the default interworx setup doesn’t use GD. Coppermine won’t install without GD/imagemagick. So ScriptWorx probably installs ImageMagick at that point.

Since we migrated coppermine from another server over, and didn’t do a ‘fresh install’ perhaps things are done differently. Im surprised the gallery works at all.

The imagemagick program is actually ‘convert’ so if you do a whereis convert you’ll probably find it. If you haven’t installed coppermine on any of those two new systems yet, id be curious to know if convert exists, I bet it doesn’t until you install a coppermine gallery.

No, convert didn’t exist until I did a yum install. I haven’t installed it on the new box yet and its def. not there. I haven’t used scriptworx at all so you are probably right that is when it gets installed.

I started using ImageMagick with Asido a year or so ago and love it. It is a lot better software than GD.

Hi Guys,

It looks like unless imagemagick is installed by the initial operating system install, or manually by the server owner later, it isn’t installed. As James stated, coppermine installed via InterWorx requires imagemagick, so it won’t work correctly if it isn’t installed. We’ll add imagemagick to the list of packages that should be installed when InterWorx is installed, to prevent this issue from coming up in the future.


Paul, that can’t be correct. As I previously said, an installation of coppermine would fail if GD or ImageMagick isn’t present. When scriptworx installs coppermine on a naked system for the first time, it probably utilizes yum or another means to install ImageMagick.

I installed interworx myself on a server, I never installed ImageMagick myself yet it’s installed, so InterWorx has to be installing it:)