Where do I do Domain forwarding

Where in the SiteWorx account area, do I forward the account, domain only, to another URL?

hi RWF

You can do that with the “pointer domains” option in the siteworx main menu. (just under subdomains)

You have to give the http://xxxxxxxx adress which has to be forwarded (points to) to your siteworx domain http://mydomain.com

hmmm but not sure my answer fits your needs

Another option would be to change the master DNS records on the account to a CNAME record instead of a regular one but the first solution is easier since this would require access to NodeWorx and any time you play with DNS unless you know exactly what you are doing you are asking for trouble.

The reason I am asking is because one of my sites, actually the hosting company for all other sites/accounts, is redirecting to another of my sites, and I don’t know why or at least remember how I did it :slight_smile:

I checked my registrar and there is no redirecting there, and yes there is a CNAME record:

www.mydomain.com CNAME mydomain.com 43200

This is the domain I am actually using as name servers for all my other sites.

I am too afraid of messing everything up, so I am going to ask Paul for help…

I deleted one non-main account, and recreated it one it’s own IP address, and now EVERYTHING except SSH is dead!

Yes I just hate DNS and I don’t love InterWorx either.

Now I can’t even get to InterWorx and all 30 websites are non-accessible through the Web.



I just got your mail and checked our your server and things seem ‘up’ to me given the info you provided. Are you still having issues?


I just emailed you, from the Bandwidth graph on InterWorx it seems all sites were down for about 30 minutes.

Maybe a SAGO problem?

Just responded RWF and that’s my hunch as we’ve had a server go up/down there as well today (more than once). Ours was appanently DDOS related (box on our net there was getting attacked). If InterWorx-CP was ‘down’ you’d most likely see a gap in the graphs with 0 traffic (as opposed to the chatter seen in your graphs).


Thanks everything works fine now, and after I deleted and recreated an account, my main site is not being forwarded to this site anymore.