Where do I find my database info?

Hi, all.

I’m sure this is basic, but I can’t seem to nail down my database info to include in a wp-config.php file for a WordPress install.

db name: This should be the name of the database I created for this particular project, right?

db username: should be the name before @localhost, right?

db pwd: is this the password I use to login to the control panel?

db host name: localhost, right?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Brad -

When you create a database in SiteWorx, you also need to create a user, and give that user permission to use the database. This new user is the username and password that you’ll need. The database is the one you created.

Localhost is probably the username, unless you’re on a cluster. But you’d probably know if you were :slight_smile:


Perfect. Got it working, thank you!