Which Kind Of CPanel Backup To Import?

I tried to use the mass import tool and it wound up importing the accounts but many files were missing from the imports. I’m going to go ahead and try to import them one by one. Do I need to generate cpmove files from WHM or do I need to login to each account and do a regular backup? I assume that the mass import tool uses WHM cpmove files since it asks you for the root password of the CPanel server. What about the single importer?

Eh. I manually imported a cpmove file but for one of the database tables, only 50,000 out of over 100,000 rows were imported. This is not turning out to be a smooth transition. Now I have to manually import the tables files.

Edit: Upon closer inspection, it didn’t import all the tables either.

Hi synthetisoft

I would advise you open a support ticket with IW so they can see what’s happening

If you do, please ensure you turn on remote support from nodeworx, and state remote support is turned on in your ticket

Lastly, but I do not think it is the same as I experienced when mass importing, but do you have any cron jobs running which may interphere with the import process (I had caused my own issue)

Appreciate if you could update your post when resolved

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I encountered this issue a while ago when attempting to do cPanel backup transfers to my InterWorx server. I think something like a couple weeks ago, I believe.

It turned out that cPanel had changed the way their backups work and InterWorx no longer recognizes and works with those backups. I’d been told by InterWorx staff that this will be fixed in forthcoming updates. Unknown as to which updates that will be but I will assume an update much later than the ones that have been going out lately… mostly because working on correctly setting things up is a pain.

I figured out the problems. Firstly, for some reason the web based file manager doesn’t always show all the files. Why? No idea but when I connect via FTP or SSH all the files seem to be there. The larger issue was MySQL but easily fixed. I wound up having to manually import the database tables for the site in question. It has very large tables and wouldn’t import more than something like 50,000 rows. The lead me to some errors from importing tables via the command line which lead me to the simple solution.

Interworx ships with the “Maximum Allowed Packet Size” set very low. This is what causes a mysql import error and in turn causes the backup imports to fail if the mysql tables are too big. I changed the setting to 268435456 bytes from within the Interworx panel and now all is good. Import, mass import, and manually importing large tables works with no problem.

I suggest that Interworx greatly increase this default value. Another default Interworx setting I recommend being changed would be to decrease the TTLs in the DNS zone template but that’s more of a matter of taste. Still, standard these days is a TTL of around 24 hours.

Hi synthetisoft

Great post

The web based file manager is defaulted to NOT show hidden files

You can change this in file manager, settings, show hidden files, save

I think the default should be to show hidden, but all users are different and it is probably the most asked question

The default TTL in DNS, you most likely correct, but as yet still conforms to RFC, but IW makes it easy to change to your specific requirements, nodeworx, system settings, DNS, overview, TTL, I think from memory

Many thanks