WHMCS Provisioning problems

We can’t seem to get Interworx and WHMCS to play together. :frowning:
When we try to provision a new user via the WHMCS system, we get an error 500.

general info:
WHMCS is hosted on the same server.
API key is added in the server info in WHMCS
Superadmin (Master) is added to the server info.
Server info in WHMCS:
hostname: snowpeak.se
IP: the external IP for the server
Nameservers: 2 nameserver urls to the same server (directs back to the same server)
Type: Set to interworx
User info: Interworx master admin
API key without start and end tags.
Secure is set to not use SSL Mode as we don’t have a real certificate yet (got selfsigned - not activated for the snowpeak vhost).

This is our most critical problem right now.
Any help would be apreciated, as I have been sitting with this for a week now!

Best Regards
Mikael Pettersson
Snowpeak Hosting

are you read this link?

If WHMCS is installed on the same InterWorx server that you will be setting up accounts on…

When as part of the account creation process InterWorx restarts apache, it will kill the WHMCS process, causing a problem. To prevent that, edit /usr/local/interworx/iworx.ini, and change the line


See the image below for the correct configuration:

Yea, done that.

Open a support ticket with login SSH root login details and also admin login to the whmcs system. We might be able to figure out what’s wrong. :slight_smile:

It was SOAP that was missing, Will ask WHMCS to add that to their documentation/preinstall check.

For anyone else that finds this thread with the same problem: ‘yum install php-soap’ and restart apache.