Who's going to World Hosting Day

World Hosting Day is coming up in April, and we’re considering going this year. Are you planning to go? If you went last year, how was it?

Also, do you think it’d be worth InterWorx getting a booth there?

Hi Brett

I’m so sorry but I cannot go and I’ve never been to one.

If it helps, although we are contracted by NDA, I can confirm we use interworx for a mixture of blue chip clients, single and SMB including professional companies and web developers , non profit organisations and educational, which you can confirm yourself by logging into our system, but cannot disclose any client information, but some hosts are used by most of the countries in the world, 24/7, with host sizes between 50 and 200 GB for some.

Also, some of our clients are ex cpanel, and again, I can confirm they prefer interworx over cpanel, for various reasons including exceptional ease of use, good one time installers (we do not limit installers to either simplescripts or softolicious ), exceptional configuration of siteworx, speed, cloudflare, reliability and overall useability with reseller/siteworx accounts.

I hope that helps

Many thanks


I don?t plan to go to the WHD. I closed my Hosting-Company 2012… Well, I don?t know, maybe Interworx gets a booth there?! I haven?t heard “Interworx” before May 2013, so i don?t know how popular “Interworx” is. (I?m from Germany) I know Plesk, cpanel, Froxlor (Former syscp), PDAdmin, Webmin, ServerAdmin24 etc. (I preferred PDAdmin) The last 5 years my Company used a self made All in One - Panel, based on Debian. So i?m not up 2 date with other Clients :wink:

Interworx is a very interesting Panel and easy to use. The only difficult thing for me is CentOS: I never built a System based on CentOS. I only built Systems based on Debian and Gentoo.