Wildcard DNS

I am trying to install a script on my server that requires wildcard DNS to function properly. For example, *.domain.com must point to domain.com. After attempting to add a *.domain.com A record in nodeworx, I received the following error:

? Invalid host field : *.domain.com

I did some searching around and found that currently interworx will not allow me to create a wildcard record although djbdns does support it?

Is there a way to get this record added without breaking anything? Is this functionality available in v4? If so, I’ll seriously consider beta testing as getting this script running is vital. Thanks in advance for any help! :wink:

So, 200 views and well… nothing. No replies to my beta request email either. :frowning: Did the iworx team go on a summer cruise? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, sorry - I dunno how we missed you!

Yes, wildcard DNS records have been added as a feature in version 4. To join the beta team, just open a support ticket with the full login information for a server currently running 3.0.4 that you want to have upgraded. We’ll get it set up for you.


Thanks Tim, I’ll submit a ticket soon. :slight_smile:

Problem solved. The dev team did some awesome work on v4!