Wildcards DNS

I’d like to setup wildcard subdomains using dbjdns, is there anyway to do it from nodeworx? and, if it can’t be done, can anyone lead me in the proper direction to do it manually, I have no idea how.
We are tryning to setup a system where the end users will have a separate space, sort of a blog system, so if we manage to have all subdomains directed to the main domain, we will handle the redirection or aliasing using the ‘HTTP_HOST’.

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you want all of your subdomains: sub1.domain.com sub2.domain.com, etc to lead to domain.com?

And you want this created automatically? I know that creating a subdomain called *.domain.com does turn every directory inti a subdomain but I’mnot sure if that 's what you want.

Thanks for your response Tim, YES, that?s what I want but Iworx will not let me do that.

That’s odd, workse for me from SiteWorx

SiteServices => Subdomains

I put a * in the field, hit send and got back

? Subdomain added successfully.


.transwarpsupport.net /home/transwa5/transwarpsupport.net/html/

Shows up top of my subdomain list

Thanks Tim, I was trying to set it up from nodeworx. It?s working now.

No problem, it’s important to remember that whenever possible it’s best to do things for an account from SiteWorx.

In this case. here’s why doing it from NodeWorx does not work:

When you create a Subdomain from SiteWorx it not only creates a DNS CNAME record that you want, it also creates the necessary edits to the virtual host config file.

When you did it fron NodeWorx all you were doing was creating the wildcard CNAME record but without the changes to the virtual host config file all it did was point the subdomain to the main site.