WordPress on InterWorx site

What is the recommended way to install WordPress using InterWorx? Is it using SimpleScripts (MOJO) or Softaculous? I’m still checking it out as I’m not quite clear if SimpleScripts or Softaculous absolutely required. Can I just download/run WP directly from WP via command line?

What is the recommended way to migrate a WordPress site from another server into InterWorx?

The above questions may be related but both are relevant.

Thank you in advance!


I think you would be able to install in either method.

I personally would chose softaculous as it is so simple to install, but if you have an host account with simple scripts, you could install this way.

However, which ever method you use if advise installing the latest version so your covered against the weakness found in WP.

I’m not an expert, but I would think it should be easy to migrate, particularly if same WP version., but you may be better waiting for a more knowledgable user to post.

Many thanks


Thanks for the quick response. I’ll take a look at Softaculous but if someone else has experience with installing, and especially migrating, any info would be much appreciated.

If you want to migrate a site from another server that is runnint cPanel, plesk, or direct admin, you can migrate the entire account; database, mail, site, everything, using the importer in InterWorx. All you have to do is use the backup function in the old controlpanel, and then import it using the import function in interworx.

Evanion, Thank you. That will definitely come in handy. I’ll have to figure out how to do that then. The one site that I’m testing is using vDeck but I couldn’t find the reference to vDeck. Looks like it might be the longer way for this site.

If you install WordPress using Softaculous or whatever means, you can also clone the site using WP Clone. This will literally create a clone of your entire WordPress site and then let you restore the clone on the new server with rarely any issues and it is fast as well.

Or, you can compress the home directory of your site if you have access to do this and download the compressed file, then go to your phpMyAdmin, and make a backup of your database. Go to the new server, uncompress the home directory into your home directory, and then restore the database after creating it. You have to keep in mind though, any changes in the server’s directory structure will also affect the structure with the config files in WP if they aren’t exactly the same.