working around an existing site not on siteworx and siteworx at the same time

Hi, I know how to do all this right now as working on both site (one existing site and a new one on siteworx) before nameserver change.

on the existing site not on siteworx, I can still get there thru the domain name,
the new space on siteworx is setup with the domain name but have to login using the ip address:port and domain name until the nameservers are changed…

The problem I am having is on the new site in siteworx I cannot get to wordpress on siteworx until the nameservers are changed. Is there a work around like using the ip and some other version of the url to reference the ip address,port,domain name, usr/pw?

We do not want to interfere with the old site till we are done with the new. Is there a trick to get to the wordpress to set it up?

I know confusing subject…

It depends. What level of access do you have on the server?

If you are an end-user and only have access to siteworx, this would only be possible to just enter the IP if you have a dedicated IP for that siteworx account. Otherwise, depending on the host’s configuration, pointing directly to the IP could do several different things, such as reaching another subscriber’s site or simply reaching an InterWorx splash screen.

Only single server ip address example:


in the log in box thet comes up you put in the usr/pw and tell it which url you are editing.

this works to log into the control panel for me and my customers.

The probelm appears when you load wordpress. It loads itself to the url name which is still active on the other server on existing site. So this means I can do anything I want except wordpress.

I was hoping that there might be a way to make an url that has example:

http://65.19.xx.xx:2443/siteworx/domainname:usr:xxx pw:xxx/ or something like that otherwise I cannot work on wordpress on new site without killing my current site.

So I guess there is no way…

No, in this case the DNS entries would have to be switched over and wait for the DNS to completely propagate before this is possible without a dedicated IP.


Thanks, I am having problems today explaining things so thanks for understanding and helping…