Xen 3.0 ?

Has anyone used Interworx with Xen 3.0 sucessfully? Virtuozzo really bogs down a system. Just curious.

I know that Voxel.net has done some test installs on it but we haven’t done any testing internally vantasticman777. So the short answer is “it should work” but hasn’t been tested by us so it may not be 100%.


We haven’t yet run it on top of Xen 3.0, as we are still experimenting with it and how to upgrade (and port certain custom scripts) from Xen 2.x to 3.x. However, InterWorx does run fine under Xen 2.x with CentOS 4.2 + a XenoLinux domU kernel, as long as you leave the thread-local storage enabled C libraries in place (or build a custom set of glibc packages with the -mno-tls-direct-seg-refs flag enabled and install them - the standard packages will work, but the performance is somewhat decreased). I’m not running InterWorx in domain 0, however.

Derrik Pates
Voxel dot Net, Inc.