Your favorite beer?

My is stella artois,it’s realy great.What is your favorite beer?

I don’t like beer :slight_smile:


It ain’t beer if you can’t stand up a fork in it. :slight_smile:

“Christmas Ale” - Great Lakes Brewing Company

Really, if you get the chance (and remember when October rolls back around), an amazing beer.


Heineken! well, I’m Dutch, can’t help it :wink:

If I had to pick, Miller High Life. My wife says that’s because I’m already a cranky old man.

Dos Equis Lager

Becks Dark

Without a doubt Becks Dark.

Guiness is great, but it’s cold enough in Illinois that I have to kick it up a notch… Mackeson Triple Stout no doubt, I’m pretty sure you can stand a telephone pole in it. :rolleyes: