Zero Activity Everyday After Midnight

I have recently upgraded to InterWorx 7 and what I have noticed is at midnight everyday there is zero usage for bandwidth, memory, CPU graphs (Server at a Glance) for around 30 minutes. The system uptime hasn’t reset so the server doesn’t appear to be shutting down. I have tried to look at some of the logs but I can’t see anything in there (maybe I’m not looking at the correct logs). I thought I’d also check to see what CRON jobs are running at midnight and the only one that is running at that time is the “./iworx.pex --midnight”. For about 4 days straight this “zero activity” wasn’t happening. Then on the 5th day it started happening again. At present it is happening every midnight for 30 minutes.

Any thoughts as to what and where I should be looking at to see what might be causing this. Any help is appreciated.

CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core)
InterWorx 7.13.32


That is not something that has been reported, before, so I’m uncertain off the top of my head what might be the cause. The midnight cron just makes sure apache logs are in place and the symlinks for domain logs exist. It doesn’t do anything with rrd or the graphs.

Submit a ticket to and I’ll take a look for you.

Make sure to provide the IP and SSH port of your server, and enable remote assistance–that will allow me to access your server securely without the need of a password.
How to Enable Remote Assistance — InterWorx documentation

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