Zero fields when un-ticking "Unlimited"

Note: This could also be thought of as a bug.*

When un-ticking the “Unlimited” checkbox next to a numeric field, I think the field should return to what it had before it was ticket, or revert to zero.

I know it’s a minor thing, but otherwise an account could be left with 999999999 MySQL databases instead of Zero.

  • The value is returned to its previous value (or zero) when the value started off as not-unlimited.
    However, if you assign a template to an account (even without saving changes), or edit an account that does have some values set to unlimited, the value is left at 999999999 instead of 0 for those fields.


Are you referring to when editing an existing siteworx account’s options?


Either when editing an existing an account, or in the middle of creating a new account after applying a package/template to the new account.