Attention: InterWorx Translators

I’ve had a few people tell me they didn’t receive the language diffs I sent out a couple days ago. I’m posting them here for everybody’s convenience.

The file is broken in to two sections:
new language entries and changed language entries.

New language entries are new strings that were added to 3.0, and do not exist in 2.1.x.

Changed language entries are strings that existed in 2.1.x, but their translations were changed slightly for some reason or another (e.g, errors in the translation, or changed for clarity). Please double check these against your existing translation and update if necessary.

NOTE: This file is only useful to translators and only contains a fraction of a complete language file. Do not attempt to install this file as a language file in InterWorx, as that would be wrong

Please send me back the translated diff file in your language, preferably in the same format as I provided in the attachment.

Thanks to all the translators!

3.0.0.lang.diff.txt (51.1 KB)

pls send me english language file…


i want to re-translate to turkish.
Please send me english file…

Just click to to download the english file


Here is the last FR file for v3

We’ve made some little modifications

Pascal (81.2 KB)

There are a number of faults in the swedish translation. Some things have not been translated, for example.

What’s missing? It should be based on the 3.0.0.lang.diff.txt file sent out by Socheat.


This was our fault - Henrik grabbed a just pre-final release version and it didn’t have the very latest from the Swedish translation file. We’ve fixed this.

Okay, I will check through this translation and see if the same grammatical errors still exists.

For tsl: Det var m?nga stavfel och ?ven en hel del s?rskrivningar. Detta plus rena grammatiska fel g?r att det inte ser seri?st ut.

I checked through this “new” release, and there are less errors in this translation - yet I can find more errors than I can count on my hand, if you get what I mean.

Not sure how this post got missed somehow.

Please feel free to post any corrections you may have and we can see that the translator gets them. If you’d rather not post to the forums, you can email to info at and we’ll make sure it gets to the right person.

That doesn’t sound to good…but 4 eyes are much better than 2, so we can correct grammer and such.


Hi Iworx Team,

I join a new french file with siteworx translation for new features (Ruby, Mail, etc …)

I work to finish translate new features for nodeworx.

Download file here : French Translation


Thanks, Gimly -

Your updates have been merged with the existing ones and will be released in the next build


How can I merge a new translation file from interworx to continue translate the panel in french ? (To having new language define in my french file)

I want to translate it but not free, What do you offer for our hard work?

We currently offer an owned InterWorx license in exchange for translations. See here for details:

If you’re not free, how do you translate, despite getting a free license? :stuck_out_tongue:

I think we would like to redo the german translation, since the included one is simply horrible. It was either done via Google Translator or by a nonnative person and we wouldn’t dare to show this to our customers as it is now.
I hope you havent paid whoever did that…

Not sure when we’ll be able to do this though, but it has to be done and I’d like to do it rather sooner then later.