CloudLinux LVE Integration

Hi all,

I see the following item on the roadmap is now marked as complete:

CloudLinux LVE Integration plus alt-php support Cloudlinux UI integration and management, Cagefs configuration, php version UI integration and management.

Can someone on the InterWorx team give a bit of an overview of the status of this?

Is this now officially supported and in agreement with CloudLinux? Is the plugin and everything likely to work without any messing about? What is the status of the relationship between the two companies?

I ask as a while back InterWorx was supported by CloudLinux, with the development of support being undertaken primarily by the CloudLinux side of the partnership, and when some users expressed disappointment that the integration was sub-par compared to that offered to cPanel users, Igor had a bit of a rant about how he should charge InterWorx users more, and that he felt InterWorx was not worth him investing the resources of CloudLinux in. (

We used to use CloudLinux, mostly because we’d installed it before all that “kicked off”, and by that point we didn’t really fancy trying to uninstall it. We’ve in the last few months got rid of our last server that was running this, and now the integration is marked as complete.

Ideally, we would love to use CloudLinux because some of the features it offers are not found elsewhere, and the new PHP X-Ray functionality they are showcasing in beta is very attractive, but we need reassurances that history won’t repeat itself.



The CloudLinux plugin is in the final testing stages. Development is complete, but there are some implementation testing that is still occurring. When it is fully up and ready, it’ll be announced here in the forums and on Facebook. :slight_smile:

Regarding past history with CloudLinux, the decision to go our separate ways was a mutual one, and was not really born out of any bad blood–it was just really that there were relatively few InterWorx customers using CloudLinux, so there wasn’t much motivation on either side.

However, then cPanel raised their prices, which brought a lot of customers to find out about us, and many of them did request CloudLinux support. We became part of LiquidWeb–weirdly, around the same time–who was also using CloudLinux on many of their servers. So we have been working with Igor and his team for some time to integrate a new version of the plugin. I do not foresee any changes in that relationship or the demand for InterWorx with CloudLinux support happening.

I just finished the documentation for the plugin a few weeks ago, so I can say with certainty that it will do the following:

From NodeWorx, you will be able to manage:

  • Selection of multiple PHP versions provided by CloudLinux
  • Installation of nodejs and Python selector
  • Enabling CageFS users
  • User statistics
From SiteWorx there are menu items for:
  • PHP Selector
  • NodeJS Selector
  • Python Selector
  • Resource Usage

As the plugin just kind of links into CloudLinux services and is kind of a portal of sorts, CloudLinux will be the point of contact for support specifically related to what it provides, but we will be supporting the implementation of the plugin, itself. So, if NodeJS doesn’t work, that would be something to bring to them, but if your site isn’t serving the correct CloudLinux provided PHP version, that would go to us. :slight_smile:

Cloudlinux LVE Plugin was made available in our stable and release channels early June.

Cloudlinux LVE is now fully supported

There is one exception, the lsphp handler scripts that come with cloudlinux do not currently work on Interworx. LSPHP does still work with the standalone install of litespeed however.