InterWorx CloudLinux Integration

Is there such a thing as CloudLinux InterWorx integration? I found this thread CloudLinux LVE Integration which seemed to indicate that it was a work in progress at some pointWe

We are looking to purchase InterWorx. I have posted it here rather than as a private email to support just in case anyone wants to chime in with their experiences with any such CloudLinux integration even if it is still considered to be in Beta.

Just that the CloudLinux people themselves never even mentioned Interworx. They only seem to acknowledge that it works with CPanel, Plesk and DirectAdmin so would like to hear from people here.


Hi @webquest

The cloudlinux plugin has been available and supported since June. We will reach out to Cloudlinux again to let them know that it is available and supported.

The plugin integrates all core Cloudlinux features with our control panel. The only feature that we have not figured out yet is the lsphp support which most Cloudlinux users don’t use or are not aware of and is only available via CLI anyway.