custom page when open webmail

Hello, i want make custom page when people acces to webmail, i want put hordre logo and squirrelmail, cusotmer decide what use making clik on that logos.

Some gudie how make this tweak?

Or other better idea:

for open horde, the usual is:

For open squirrel its possible configure on easy way something like:

Why not change it so that /webmail goes to a page which links to either /horde or /squirelmail ?

You could just put up a simple page in /webmail which gave the two logos and a click through to the corresponding folders. /webmail usually only forwards to /horde anyway, so I’m sure with a pit of poking in /etc/httpd/conf.d/iworx.conf and /home/interworx/etc/httpd.conf you could get it working :wink:

That is one of the things i ask whow make it !!

If somebody knwo ho doe without brake nothing i apreciate info.

Totally un-official and unsupported. If you are more comfortable with housing non-iworx stuff out of iworx, then change where you do the first step.

Okay, as root in your box, do the following:

create dir: /home/interworx/lib/webmail-choose/
inside new dir (above); create a php/html page with your two links/logos in. Link the horde to /horde and sq to /squirrelmail

Once that’s done, open /home/interworx/etc/httpd/httpd-custom.conf


Horde / IMP / Turba

Alias /webmail /home/interworx/lib/horde/
Alias /horde /home/interworx/lib/horde/
<Directory /home/interworx/lib/horde/>
AllowOverride Authconfig Options
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Change to:

Horde / IMP / Turba

Alias /webmail /home/interworx/lib/webmail-choose/
<Directory /home/interworx/lib/webmail-choose/>
AllowOverride Authconfig Options
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Alias /horde /home/interworx/lib/horde/
<Directory /home/interworx/lib/horde/>
AllowOverride Authconfig Options
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Once done, service iworx restart and you should find that any will give you a select page, with horde and squirrel going to the correct places.

Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

Easy and usefull :slight_smile:
I think this should be avilable by default on interworx… :slight_smile:

How do other folks feel about this? Is this something everyone wants enabled by default?

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For this reason i LOVE IWORX !!! jajaja

I never see any developer or staff person of any other panels make this…ask in open way to control panel users if want some feature , ot what think about anything !! wow !! :eek:

Please Paul, try sticky this post for some time for see what think other iworx users

Hi Paul,

I believe <cough>Cpanel</cough> have a login form for the webmail which once logged in, then gives the users the choice. Basically they login then choose their webmail they want, without having to relogin to the webmail package.

I would say this is good, however some caveats would be that I would presume the session handling in each webmail package would have to be tinkered with slightly, which would mean that a sysadmin manually upgrading his webmail packages would come unstuck. This would go against the grain of iworx which tends to allow the sysadmin to do what he wants with his box, without it being ‘interfered’ with.

Maybe, there could be an option in Nodeworx… something along the lines of ‘Webmail Choice’ which would give the following info:

Option: Webmail Choise
Descript: Allows you to choose what you want users to see at
Options: Horde, SquirrelMail, Choice Page.

If choosing the Choice page, they get the choice page with logos using the alias similar to my post above, otherwise they get the horde or could even get the squirrel for those preferring sq. Personally, I much prefer Horde and we dont have (m)any customers using squirrel so for us, we’d use the Horde options. Others may want the choice and I could see it being an extremely simple addition, but with many benefits :slight_smile:

Thanks for listening :wink:

Edit: I’ve just double checked and you use /webmail in the SiteWorx screens, which would make the above mentioned fix work, without having to change the templates. :slight_smile:

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[quote=EverythingWeb;12026]…would go against the grain of iworx which tends to allow the sysadmin to do what he wants with his box, without it being ‘interfered’ with.[/quote]:-/ I so wish that were true…

I think when cusotmer choose what webmail want use static screen on url /webmail stop to be usefull…
for that reason i think by default that screen for selection its ok, but siteworx need some option where site admin, can chose horde or squirrel, for permanent suage or if he want leave that default selection screen : )

Hoppe we see this avilable soon : )

I think that’s what I have suggested :smiley:

I think a layout would be best where instead of having just links, have a complete webmail login page, where there is a username field, a password field, and selector between the two.

I like this idea.

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I agree !! great idea : )

Please IWorx-Paul add thsi simple and usefull version to interworx 3, RC 3 : )

[QUOTE=Dj-Grobe;12427]I agree !! great idea : )

Please IWorx-Paul add thsi simple and usefull version to interworx 3, RC 3 : )[/QUOTE]

Ok, ok :slight_smile: This is now available in RC3 at the /webmail url.

Thankyou !!
That is exelnt !! : )

I really disapoint the way have to select webmail.

I think its betetr this same screen but put little logos of horde and squirrelmail, with radio buttons.

I have lot of customers have asolutly 0 knowledge about NOTHING, they never discover squirrelmail exist on actula way.

I think is better logo, with radio buttons.

Anyway this is absolutly great simple and usefull feature.

It possible change the order in the selector for show by default squirrelmail?

Please add that feature or make logos with radio buttons.

Selector should be a selector where you show the 2 ptions avilables, you can sue logos, otr just can use word SQUIRRELMAIL HORDE

And please ! some option in some place for make the default, me the server amdin need be able to select what i wnat like default.
This feature permit select, but lot of people with 0 knoledge continue just using user and pass, and login to horde…and never discover squirrelmail.

Please make the things more simple : ) 90% of my cusotmers dont have any knoledge.

Please confirm exist some way with this new selector to change the default to squirrelmail , instead of horde ?

If you choose squirrelmail and login, it will REMEMBER that setting the next time that browser goes to /webmail.

Well but can be radio buttons please?
Well i think its better, but i not are the only one !! here i want see waht think the rest of iworx comunity : )

Anyway paul, please dont missuderstand, i stay very happy with this simple feature : )

Thankyou !

Paul its not radio buton its ok, i just need make squirrelmail the default on the selector, what file should edit?