disabling site problem........

When didable site, users can continue using mal services!!!


Confirmed that email still works when site is disabled

I think we need faster fix on this.

Users can acces to webmail can acces to mails, can acces to pop, to ftp…

All continue working…

This is a very big issue, if user not pay, or generate big due, i no want he can recover the files using ftp… i want suspend sites for force he pay the due and then he can recover the files mails etc etc… and continue using the service…

I repeat its a big issue !!

We’ve discussed this issue before, but I’m having difficulty locating the exact thread. However, this isn’t a bug, and is instead left this way intentionally. The argument is that if email gets shutdown as well, they wouldn’t receive your “pay your bill so we can turn on your site” email.

Feel free to discuss it again, I recall there were people on both sides the last time this came up. Perhaps feelings have changed since then.

You could always do a backup of the site and then delete it if it’s that big of an issue.

The correct way to have setup with customers is based on 3 conditios:

1 Hosting company need request to customer when he signup for first time, use email contatc outside of domain hosted, this is absolutly needed and can be informed with advisorie when customer signup, if service on that domain fail you never can contact and need spend money and time of techs time of customer on call phone etc etc etc

Anyway if customer non respect this first condition

2 Hosting company should have suport ticket, if mail service its down allways customer can open ticket, and not have dependencie of mail.

3 If you HAVE SIRIUS HOSTING COMPANY, before suspend service, you should inform 2 or 3 times about if he no pay in the cooming days he no have more the services, before suspend you already should informed to cusotmer, so mail disabled after suspension its really non issue.

Whats up when server die?
when hardware failiure affect that server and affect e-mail?
when network failure affect that server?

Its think not really good have e-mail dependency, specially if e-mail of contact its hosted on the service…

Iworx really should add option for disable mails, disable ftp, and disable complete domain, lot of cusotmers just have simple brand web page and the major usage of the service is the e-mail service, so if i he no pay when disable service mails continue working…!!! and need admin manual intervetion and loose of time!!!

This its very problematic when have high number of sites hosted.
With the way how interworx work right now need manually intervention for complete disable sites, this its really bad point specially today when the competition for low prices on the hosting market its very important, and LOOSE OF TIME its = to loose eficience !! …this things its really important.

Actual schema just make loose time doing some task manually when that shuld be 100% automatized.
For people with low numer of sites this its not an issue, but when have hosted 1000 2000 or 3000 customers, this daily taks create non necesary loose of time.

Eficiency its the word we never loose : )

Please iworx just enable LIKE option, soon, …options for disable complete site, or non disable, but this is needed like option.

I have all my company based on automation, is the only whay ot mantian competitive low prices + eficience
Low prices + eficicence = happy customers = more profit

I really not agree, the actual way how iworx handle suspension of service, i have some ocmplaint form resellers, due he cant disbale services at 100% and need loose time deleting sites and then restorning form backup !! lol same for techs.

Suspended services conpcet should be = user cant make more usage of service !!!

If you not pay the elctricla service, they not put the voltage of your 110v or 220v recuded , lol if you not pay the phone, the company directly block the service sevice its not LIMITED, if you not pay your credit card you cnat use, if you not pay your home, the bank, sell your house, they never say, oh you not pay, but you cna continue using only your toom for sleep : )

Sorry for the sarcasm, but hosting is a bussines too and should be managed like the rest, if you not pay per service service its SUSEPENDED (iworx now just limit the service)

The solution to this is very simple.

Please work on add this like option on the panel, so i can setup all my servers to work how my bussines model need : )
Let the final server admins decide how we should manage our companys :smiley:

service suspension, not = service limitation.[/B]

Best regards.

I need suspend right now 97 accounts !!

Lol have idea how much time need for complete suspension…

Interworx need add thsi option soon, i love interworx, but suspension schema its a nightmare…:eek:

This is already a feature in v3.0. Go to the SiteWorx accounts page, check the boxes next to the accounts you’d like to disable and then use the dropdown at the bottom to “Deactivate”

No, you not understand,. the desactivation just disable webacces, customer ca continue using mails, and the rest of services !!

I need delete zones manually site per site for block !!

Real suspension need manual intervention site per site.


We’ll consider changing the behavior for a future version, but we would like to hear more feedback from more than just one client first. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Then you’ll need to do them manually at this time. The disable feature is put in place to remove web access for a site until a customer pays their fee or whatever outstanding issue is means for their site to be temporarily shut down. The mail access I believe was left up so that site owners could still use their email to be contacted and contact their hosting company to get their site turned back on.

Not sure how much of a pain in the ass it would be, but the best option would be of course to leave it up to the NodeWorx admin as to what they want to disable. So you can select disable just the web or everything.

Although I can imagine it would be a bit of an undertaking.

One idea would be if you want to disable everything you just set their disk quota to 0 MB. That would block them from getting any more emails and also from uploading anything to FTP, but would still give them access to download emails and files.

Sombody here, use ticket systems, like official suport system?
Every body have e-mail dependency?
If for some failiure mail not arrvla to support or billing departament your customers no have support?

Really not realiable way to manage support guys…

I just think this should be available like an option, so amdin can decide how suspend, if complete suspension, or just web limitation.

This actual schema its a big trouble, specially when people like me have hosted lot of companys or sites and that companys just make usage of e-mails.
High ammount of they just not have webpage…other have statics webpages…suspension no affect to that users…they really no need web page…

I think interworx can make some section on nodeworx, where you can manage how suspension work, and admin can select waht services want suspended when site is suspended…i think that is the more PRO and complete way to manage suspensions.

am i understanding this right, if a site is disabled they can still get ftp access ??

Yes, can use ftp, can use webmail, can send and recive pop mail, if have shell can continue using shell access !!! …

Suspension just limit web acces to web content…:frowning:

Oh and one important point i forgot comment…suspend site not all time its related to payment, suspend site can be related to ilegal activity, abuse of service, etc etc etc etc…:cool:

Right, that’s why I said “until a customer pays their fee or whatever outstanding issue is means for their site to be temporarily shut down”

Think i would need the option for complete disablement of there services, in the case of account abuse that could cause a problem.


I personnaly completly agree with dj-grobe

today if one customer doesn’t pay us we send him 3 recalls one per week, after these 3 weeks we suspend the account (the idea is so to force him to pay). It’s ok for website customers but not ok for emails only customes
More, they can transfer thrir website elswhere and continue to use mails services for free !!

for me suspend account means CAN’T USE IT anymore, and the account is = to ALL SERVICES

so yes I agree dj-grobe being in the same case


Wonderfull, i start think i are guy from other planet, and evil admin server due i want suspend all to make they pay !!

Im driving crazy right now…i have make all disable manually…please iworx !!
if not agree just do like interworx global option !! :smiley: and please try do soon.