Well, we’re all back from HostingCon.2005 and I’ll be the first to say it was a blast. We got to see a bunch of great people and even a few IWorx-CP clients!

I wanted to apologize to anyone who saw delays in support during the show. All of our full time developers were at the show and the internet situation there was less than ideal and while we were busy we tried to keep up. kipper3d was more than patient and I wanted to say a personal “sorry” to him.

The show itself was awesome. We got some very good exposure for IWorx-CP and the feedback was phenomenal. We had 2 demo boxes setup at the show so folks could test drive IWorx-CP 2.x and we also did 2 live demos (1 per day) which were projected into our booth (see pics in the pics thread). At the end of each demo we gave away an iPod Mini and congrats to those who won!

We got to chat with clients, prospective clients, datacenters and future partners and all around was worth the drive/fly & time spent.

We have our sites set now on the InterNext show in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in August where we’ll be debuting our new clustering technology within InterWorx-CP. While I can’t give many details now we’ll be trickling more as it is available.

Again, thanks to all for your patience and look for more exciting things in the world of InterWorx in the coming weeks / months :).


Hey Chris, from what the others tell me it was a blast. Sorry I missed it. Maybe next year :slight_smile:

So have you “recovered” yet :slight_smile:

Cool, Ft Lauderdale is within my range, only about 45-60 mins from Miami. I should be able to make it up there and bother you guys for a day! :smiley:

Not at all, I’ve been back for about 4 hours at this point and it was a long drive back with Chicago traffic. Hopefully I’ll be caught up and back to normal by tomorrow.

Well it sounds like it was worth it to you guys. Get some sleep and relax – It’s over :slight_smile:

I was at hostingcon… I was like the youngest yet tallest there. Just so you match my face with my screen name, my name is Matt from Enfinity Servers. I was at both of your demos and never won an IPOD! :mad:

I’m glad you came to hostingcon! If you didnt, I wouldnt have your great control panel right now! I would still be stuck with cPanel :eek:

We’re glad you liked what we had to offer! We enjoyed being there to interact on a more personal level with our clients and prospective clients. It’s about the only level more personal than the forums! :slight_smile:

It looks like us being there did it’s job! :wink:


We definitely remember you guys. It was great seeing some younger folks there and we wish you the best!


Here’s a nice group pic for everyone to poke fun at!


Name everyone from left to right in a comment there so people will know.

Starting from left:
Dan the sales guy, Me!, Socheat, Chris, Dustin, Alison(Paul’s Wife), Paul

Why does it have to be ‘Dan the sales guy’ everytime?
Cant we just simply refer to him as Dan? :smiley:

NO!! :wink:

You can, however, refer to him as “Sales”. That’s what we do. :slight_smile:

ROFL !!!

I think the funny thing is when I first saw all the pictures I knew exactly who Greg was, but couldn’t place the other guys.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?!?! do I stand out in a crowd?! :frowning:

HAHAHAH :wink:

Dan will do just fine. Or, you can say it like Chris does, DAAAAAAAAAN!!! :slight_smile:

I get no respect. :mad:

Hahahaha! :smiley:

Dan “The sales guy”



If you keep looking…there’s a nice little picture of me eating breakfast :frowning: hahaha

I made a comment :

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I saw that one.

There’s also one of you playing blackjack. $$$$$ :wink:

There’s a real nice one of me eating lunch. And, if you look close, I actually ate two lunches, as the plate next to me has already been cleared. Shhhhhhhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone! :eek: Hence the name TwoBillsPlus I guess. :smiley: