How can I Add Custom Themes to the InterWorx Control Panel

Hello InterWorx community,
I am new to the InterWorx Control Panel and I would like to customize the appearance of the control panel to more fit my brand aesthetic. I have seen some references to custom themes, but I do not know how to apply them. So I am then to ask you for help. I hope I can find the answer I need then. I am following Servicenow Tutoria l blog. I have some question.
What are the specific conditions for creating a custom theme that will be compatible with InterWorx?
What is the step by step process for uploading and cranking a custom theme in InterWorx and there are any recommended tools for designing and testing custom themes? I am particularly interested in tools that can help exercise themes before they go live. For those who have successfully added custom themes, what stylish practices would you recommend to insure a smooth perpetration? I am eager to make my InterWorx control panel not only functional but also seductive.
There are any communities where custom themes are participated? I will stay for your suggestions and thank you.


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Themes are no longer supported or allowed afaik now they used to be in IW v6 but v7 and above stopped

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John is generally correct. IW6 had supported completely custom themes, where as IW7 supports very limited branding controls (basically just logos). More information can be found here: How To: Add Custom Branding to the InterWorx User Interface — InterWorx documentation

IW8 will likely feature slightly more branding options than IW7, but probably not to the same level as a completely custom theme.

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Thank you for your response