Interworx 6 to Interworx 7 Upgrade?

I saw in the Version History that Interworx v. 7 was now in Release, and I was wondering how to upgrade from v. 6.x to v 7.x.

I ended up contacting Interworx Support to find out. I figure there will be others with the same question, so here’s what I was told:

There is not currently an upgrade path from IW6 to IW7. It’s in the works, but there is no ETA.

Also, once the upgrade path is in place, it will not be automatic for a little while. It will be an opt in setting at first. Outside of that, I don’t have any other info at this time.

IW7 is available for new installs, however. It has an entirely new GUI interface.

Manually upgrading is fairly easy but we are not publishing until we have it in the UI. We want to build some pre-checks, conversion scripts and an opt-in warning. The potential issues are not that bad though.

Biggest potential issue is that customization’s to vhosts could be lost. As the upgrade installs a new apache conf template system, built to allow customization’s that will persist across restores and migrations. We will have a script that attempts to import changes into the new template system but we have concerns it might not catch everything.

The next issue is that we have not yet built a branding and customization system into our new UI design. So anyone upgrading would loose those options, for now.

If your have no concerns about the above feel free to PM me and I’ll take you through the upgrade. Keep in mind it cannot be reversed once done.


Thanks for the information @IWorx-Joseph, I am going to try to be patient and wait until it’s in the UI.

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Any update or ETA on this? Really looking forward to getting our older server updated to 7. Thanks!

Sorry @ctalavera it’s still being worked on. I saw some screenshots of the pre-flight checker today, so it is coming along. With a big change like this, we want to make sure everything is right where it should be before we release.

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At this point I may just spin up a new server and transfer each one server at a time. Seems like we are talking months at least. Thanks!

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@ctalavera its basically done. Working on documentation and final testing.

Not sure it will make it into release until Jan though. I’m looking into getting it out sooner though.

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I think it’s worth the wait, because, I would be very worried if there were any problems and my clients’ sites would go offline. I do not want it. So, after the release of version 7, I hope it is not automatic, I hope it is optional at the beginning, because I want to make sure that there is no problem on the sites.

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Hello @inventdigital,

The upgrade will not be “automatic”. The upgrade will take place only when you initiate the upgrade.

I hope that helps.

I think the main things to check are any non standard config prior to an upgrade like this

However with good back ups should things go wrong would be in theory less time consuming then spinning another server and dealing propagation times

We have been running 7 as our preferred shared hosting control panel on

Go Green Domains

for approx 1 month without fault it’s been a very stable platform with a massive benefits to user experience

My recommendation is to insure you have good back ups and be ready to implement any customisations you made to configs in your prior version as they maybe overwritten or replaced as Iworx have stated above

Any update on this? Last update mentioned Jan so I thought I would check in.

The upgrade tool has been built but we decided to do more testing. We are in the process of testing in beta now.

Can we be a part of those tests? It’s now almost Feb and we would really like to get this going. I understand these take time but again I am contemplating just spinning up a new server and migrated one at a time.

Please open a support ticket and ask for it to be passed to me. I’ll take a look at your setup and see what we can do in your case to get you upgraded sooner if possible.

Any update on this upgrade tool? How would I go about doing an inplace upgrade from IW6 to IW7 on my production server?


The tool is still in internal beta testing. There is no ETA at this time as to when it will be production ready, as some bugs are still being found. I do know that an update to IW7 is forthcoming in the next few weeks that will address some of those bugs, though. If you would like to submit a ticket to toward the end of June, there may be more information at that time, however, again, it is still a beta process, so you will need to take that into consideration for a production server.


There is no specific date when this update will take place?


Not at this time, no, I just know the relevant update to IW7 is slated for June. It is still currently being worked on.

You can keep an eye out for updates here: Changelog — InterWorx documentation

It may also be worth mentioning that we are a really small team–we consist of literally just six people, at this time, including myself. :slight_smile: So development is spilt up a bit differently than some larger companies with large teams focused on a single task. We appreciate your patience.




Small is beautiful and allows extremely quick responses to issues

Development maybe slightly slower but think I would rather quick response to issues and slower development to ensure high degree of accuracy over slower response to issues and quick development with less accuracy

This statement I make with after using IW for 10 years or more…

Many thanks


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I was working on another issue this morning with my Interworx 6.x system, and I noticed that at the bottom of the Nodeworx > Server > Software Updates page, there is a “Major Version Upgrade” section I haven’t noticed before. It looks like there’s now a link to upgrade from v. 6.x to 7, but I suppressed my urge to click it.

Does this mean the Interworx 6 to 7 upgrade is out of beta and ready for production? The 7.0 Upgrade Tool is still listed as in beta testing on the Roadmap.