InterWorx-CP v2.0.0 Screenshots

It’s been a long time coming and I’d like to show everyone what we’ve been working hard on for the last 4 months.

Below you’ll find InterWorx-CP screenshots for the upcoming version 2.0.0.

We’ve revamped both NodeWorx and SiteWorx with a new (cleaner) look, less graphics and easier menus.

We’ve redesigned totally the NodeWorx interface to make it more admin friendly and we’ve taken many of your suggestions and turned them into features in the new interface.

We’ve added service-level features to allow you to easily manipulate dns/mail/web/mysql/ftp settings. We’ve tried to make the most used options easily available to the admin. As always, you can still edit the config files to change any options you like as well. Editing the httpd.conf, proftpd.conf etc won’t break things and the interface will adapt :).

We’ve also added some major features including RESELLERS :), Script auto-installers, Shell user management (with JAILED ssh), NodeWorx CRON support, Importers for ALL major control panels (plesk, direct admin, cpanel, ensim) and a ton more.

We’ll be releasing version 2.0.0 during the HostingCon show ( and we’re looking forward to all of your feedback.

Thanks, as always for your continued support!


Looks VERY cool. I may not ever have to login in on SSH anymore :smiley:

It’s amazing you guys added all these features and still have time to answer our questions in the forum! Good job, looking forward to trying it out. I see you said it will be shown at HostingCon in early June, but when will it be available for end users?

We’ve been testing internally and it’ll be ready for BETA testers mid-week, and released 1 or 2 weeks thereafter depending on the feedback.

I wanted to make clear we’ll be releasing it at or a few days before HostingCon for all users. While we’re going to debut it there it’ll be available for general use by the show.


I wanted to make clear we’ll be releasing it at or a few days before HostingCon for all users. While we’re going to debut it there it’ll be available for general use by the show.

Do you need some handsome male spokesmodels? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you implying we have a shortage?! :mad: :stuck_out_tongue:

Not at all. It’s more that I’m implying that the Souken contention has a shortage of tickets. :wink:

Wow! I can’t wait to use it. I’ll definitely be buying another server for this. I assume CentOS 4 will be supported in 2.0?

PaulK, yes, the screenshots posted were from a CentOS4 test server as seen on the ‘nodeworx-home’ screenshot :slight_smile: and we’ll be officially supporting it with the 2.0 release.


Sure Lineman, drive on up and we’d be happy to slap an iworx shirt on you!!

Btw, very good articles in the last pingzine, how did you manage to squeeze 2 in there!??


In 2.0 will end users be able to use mutliple domains in their account? Like addon domains?


There’s a nomenclature issue here. We use the term “pointer” or “addon” domains to make mutiple domains pointed to a single account (i.e. and point to

I think you’re talking about multiple separate domains per siteworx account and I’ll try to answer this clearly as it is (sort of) supported now via the reseller system.

You can make a reseller account that obviously supports multiple domains in v2.0.0, this is a new addition.

You cannot create a SiteWorx account that supports multiple domains, this is slated for the subsequent full release of the software which we’re shooting for later this summer on.

So, to answer your question, you can fake full multiple domain support with a reseller account, but we are planning multiple domain support for the following full release of InterWorx-CP.



Perfect thats what I needed to know :slight_smile: One last question will Clientexec support be in 2.0?

Yes, we’ll be finishing it up for good this week.


Maybe if I can cut through south Jersey on the way. CMI would be jealous. :slight_smile:

Either they had the space to spare or I’m just that good. :cool: I’ll be in their HostingCon issue, too. Only had room for one of mine there.

I’d be impressed if I didn’t already expect you guys to blow us away :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed. But one thing… PHPNuke!!! I’m dissapointed in you guys. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And phpBB :S, it’s toggable, and off by default. We let you be the judge :).


Let’s be realistic. Probably 75% of their hosting customers probably request phpBB or PHPNuke. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but maybe if those aren’t available straight off and other alternatives are they will give the other stuff a shot :slight_smile: We have to nudge everyone in the right direction because your average person is a sheep :slight_smile:

Maybe if they defaulted with a title like “Warning: phpBB installed!”

Will Front Page be in 2.0? Also will there be any firewalls even low functioning firewalls by default?