multiple domains under one account


I’m happy 1.8.1 came out. But i still would like to push “urge” the ability to host/park more than one domain under one account. I hope this is done soon :wink:
No bother at all, just pondering…

yep I think we are few like that :slight_smile:

For me I’m waiting :

  • multiple domain hosting
  • multi langage
  • and the great Backup/restore tool

When I’ll have that it will be really more easy to sell it in france :-p

couldn’t agree any better myself. once those features are made available, than we can really compare interworx with the “big boys”. We lack nothing important except those listed above. They must be a standard IMHO

  • one on that! :slight_smile:


I know you can park domains from SiteWorx, it’s called “Pointer Domains”. As to hosting multiple websites under one account, that sounds like a “reseller account” which I believe they are working on.

It is not forcing an reseller account.
I have some customers who have several domains (see much) and as I propose hosting with much disk space it rather becomes more interesting for them to have only one hosting account with all their domains than an hosting account per domain.

Is it possible of “wildcard” the domains and to create domains aliason the same account?

I’m thinking about a Web redirection project.

Thanks for your help


Hello, all,

All those features are coming up soon. The multi language support should be made available in the next release of InterWorx as well as the backup/restore tool. Not sure about multi domain hosting. I will let Chris talk about that.



Ok What I know about the web redirection is :

  • use of apache “VirtualDocumentRoot”
  • An alias domain with wildcard
  • Have an A record (in named) corresponding to “*” for this domain

For example I know that with named I only have to edit my /var/named/ and add a line like this one

*               IN      A

But with tinydns I don’t know how to do that

For the apache conf I only have to edit the file and add :

ServerAlias *

and for the document root I’m not sure if I have to use the VirtualDocumentRoot or only the DocumentRoot as

[VirtualDocumentRoot] [DocumentRoot] /home/toto/

And after only have a frame with the website as element and a pub banners

Do you know if it is enough ?

I have looked on the web but didn’t find anything about this, do you know a website about web redirection ?


as far as i know, you can park the domains like the previous user stated above, but hosting several domains under one account is not possible right now. It would be nice to have that feature like i said above. Most clients have more than one domain and it’s not very efficient to login/out of each individual domain.

Chris does hosting, how do you handle this chris? Do you have a personal hack for your clients to hose more than one domain under one hosting plan?
It seems to me this would be a great upgrade:) does not use SiteWorx as we know it. They use something much older. The code is very different and adding the same functionality to this version requires a significang rewrite of the code, if I understood him corectly. He and I’ve had this conversation a couple times before and I know the featue is on the way. It’s the main point of having the path to our web files so long.


to allow for more than one domain in the same account like so:


Just give them time, guys. Backup/restore is almost done and Spam/Virus is a priority because it’s a security issue, IMHO.

I dont see anyways they can have:
and have another

b/c the /domain/ appends to or

I can see:

Than again, i’m just guessing/assuming. I just can’t wait till they come out- i’ll be the happest kid around the block:)

You’re making this harder than it is going to be I think


is much more complicated and if I understood him corectly this is how it iwll be implemented, but as I said the coding takes time.

You could always edit the files yourself to add more virtual host to one siteworx account, but if you want to have seperate email accounts for each domain and stuff like that you would have to do a lot more work

If you want to just host multiple websites under one account you can just do something like this:


First I would create the main siteworx account for Client1 and domain1. Then you would need to shell in and create a directory for domain2 under this clients folder. I would do it by copying the first domain directory and renaming it.

$ cd /home/client1
$ cp -R

Then you would need to edit the Vhost file (/etc/httpd/conf.d/

#Client1 Vhost file

#This will already be created for you when you create your SiteWorx Account
<VirtualHost 111.222.333.444:80>

  DocumentRoot /home/client1/

  # Other code below

#This VirtualHost code here you will have to add yourself
<VirtualHost 111.222.333.444:80>

  DocumentRoot /home/client1/

  # Other code below

Then an apachectl -k graceful and that should be it.

This would solve the problem, although not the easiest way. Also, I do not know how this would affect the bandwidth monitoring and stats.

If it’s not that important you best bet is to wait for InterWorx features that handle this.

Doing this would probably work but the changes would not show up in SiteWorx since siteworx used a database to keep track of all of that stuff and this would not show up in that database. The same os true for turning on/off cgi from the raw files, etc.

Someone from InterWorx feel free to corect me if I am wrong.

Lots to respond to here :), and I’m finally back posting after a few week absense!

  • Regarding multi-domain

It’s designed into iworx-cp, just not tested/finished. Tim is right that the reason the paths are so long is to allow a single account with many domains. The nice thing about the design we have is that you will be able to have a “master” domain that can FTP to all “slave” domains (i.e. you login to ftp at the /home/<user> level and can see all domains you own). Sites will be setup at /home/<user>/, /home/<user>/ etc.


  • Multi-lang

This is in 1.9.0 (the next release) and from what I’ve seen lately it’s 95% done.

  • Backup / Restore of SiteWorx Accounts

This is in 1.9.0 and again, from what I’ve seen is 90% done.

  • Regarding what we (NEXCESS.NET) do for multi-domain and/or multi-account clients.

We hacked an ancient (3.1.x) version of modernbill many moons ago to show clients all of their domains in a single spot within the MB interface. We also gave them ‘one click’ access to these (mega-old-style) SiteWorx accounts. A few things to note: I often likve having clients who have multiple sites on different servers (even at different DCs) since it spreads your net client load around. If a given DC has issues your clients are less likely to complain (and more likely to believe your downtime diagnosis) if some of their sitse are up and some are down. I only add this since we don’t really do ‘multi-domain hosting’ and what we do is more ‘multi-account’ hosting.

  • Regarding Justin’s Solution

It will work in that you’ll have the 2 accounts setup and accessible via web/ftp but SiteWorx won’t understand the 2nd account exists so you’ll loose some SiteWorx features (mail, bw tracking etc). But it won’t “hurt” anything per se.

Let me konw if I missed anything.


any news on “multiple domains” under one account?

Isn’t that part of the reseller panel with 2.0?

Regarding multi-domains we are planning it for the 2.0 release I HOPE. This is 2 releases out. We’re at work on resellers right now for the release-after-next and multi-domain is next on (my) list of “big features” to implement. No promises on timing, but just FYI.


Thanks for the update, Chris. I know a lot of people who are looking foreward to that partucular feature. We may be able to lure a few people away from the competition when that is available :slight_smile:

any updates on this? this is the one thing holding me back from going with interworx