Question about MySQL

[B]Hi interwox Team,

I have MySQL v3 and I would like to know if it’s possible to MySQL 4 ? if so, how do I have to make? Can help me in the command line has to type ?

Thank you in advance f[/B]or your answer.

If you’re using CentOS 3.x here ya go.

I suspect the steps will be similar for Fedora if you’re using that.

[B]Hi timryberg

Yes I’am using Fedora Core 2, but that will not deteriorate my databases ?

thank you for your answer.


Just poke around on the updates server for the fedora 2 directory, the package names should be the same and substituet the url’s and file names.

Obviously you should back up everything in /var/lib/mysql before proceeding – just in case – but otherwise your databases should be fine. The only thing you may want to consider is some of the software you use on your server (content management systems, forums, etc.) may not support MySQL 4, but that really shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

Ok thanks Timryberg

[B]Hi all,

I have problem when i execute

[/B] rpm --force -Uvh  [B]

it required a dependence : " est n?cessaire pour (d?j? install?) php-mysql-4.3.11-100.fdr20.iworx "

Can you help me please ?

Thanks for you answer

yum install php-mysql

should take care of that

[B]Ok thank you timryberg

– edit : I tested, and it allways writed [/B]" est n?cessaire pour (d?j? install?) php-mysql-4.3.11-100.fdr20.iworx ", i don’t understand why it don’t work correctly –

You will need to translate that. I don’t speak french (well not enought to understand). My gues is that it’s saying libmysqlclient is a dependancy. Try yum installing that

Or how about this

rpm -qa | grep mysql

paste back here what that says.

[B]Hi Timryberg,

                                             the translation of this sentence is : is necessary for (already installed) php-mysql-4.3.11-100.fdr20.iworx

when i use yum install php-mysql, i have :

php-mysql is installed and is the latest version.

and for rpm -qa | grep mysql, I have :

[root@localhost gimly]# rpm -qa | grep mysql

thank you in advance for your answers

try yum install libmysqlclient

never mind, it probably isn’t in the yum repository otherwise yum would just ask permission to install it. You need to locat it and install it manually

you could also try rpm --nodeps install php-mysql-4.3.11-100.fdr20.iworx

Have you located the rpm it wants? You may need to manually locate it, download it and install it. YUM only checks specific directories on the updates server and it’s also possible (but not likely) that you may need to go elsewhere for the file, perhaps your data center has a fedora mirror.

you speak about libmysqlclient, it’s this rpm which I must install ?

Yes, I poke around

And didn’t find the rpm, check with your data center.

It seems like you’re prety new to Linux so let me explain something:

A package is just another name for a program, if you didn’t know.

A dependancy is a package that another package requires to work.

In this case is a dependancy of php-mysql-4.3.11-100.fdr20.iworx

You need to install it first. You could try instlling it anyway with:

rpm -Uvh --Force php-mysql-4.3.11-100.fdr20.iworx


rpm -Uvh --Nodeps php-mysql-4.3.11-100.fdr20.iworx

But it might not work. What you’d be doing is telling it to ignore the demendancy and install it anyway.

If you have libmysql-client installed

rpm -q libmysql-client

It probably will work anyway because it’s basically the same thing.

[B]Hi Timryberg,

The problem persist and I don’t know why it’s persist.

Interworx Team : Can I open ticket for the problem or isn’t it possible ?

Thank you in advance for your answer


It exists because you don’t have the rpm it wants, untill you supply the rpm it wants (or force the install anyway and see what happens) it will continue to happen.

I was reading your post above, just to verify you are substotuting fedora RPM’s for the the CentOS ones in my original post. THe error messages refer to fedora RPM’s but you pasted my original code.

yes Timryberg but when i have use your original, i change by “fdr20” and the problem always persist

The RPM you need isn’t in the Iworx miror; you are runniung a non english version of Fefdora, and I’d suggest you find your data center’s fedora mirror and look there for the RPM it needs.