Siteworx domain email error = 554 5.7.1 <>: Relay access denied

So I have create my domain email account at Siteworx control panel… and now I wish to test, but then it mention this error…

Undelivered message
Your message cannot be sent to because the remote server is misconfigured. See the technical details below for more information.

Responses from remote servers are:
554 5.7.1 Relay access denied

it seem’s like the error was due to my siteworx SMTP, but how do I fix this? I hope someone can help me, thanks!


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You have not stated if this error was from email client or from remote server

I’m guessing as message states remote server, which implies the IW server accepted email to be sent was accepted without error

If the above is correct, then the email server your sending too already has the domain email setup and is not allowing relay correctly

If it is error message from email client your using, then you either need to tell email client to authenticate or check that the siteworx domain is list in smtp allowed. The exact file I would need to check to be sure it is smtp allowed

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Where can I check if the siteworx smtp is allowed or not? And for the domain email setup, that does makes sense. I did create an forward email setup for the same domain email at namecheap, but I have deleted it. why it’s still like that?


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The issue is on your other server then, as this is where it believes you are trying to relay

Setting up email forwarder to same domain setup on another server would normally always give this relay authentication required failure

If you have deleted the domain from the other server, you may need to allow some time for the domain to be flushed

Where does the MX record point at

I think from memory you check rcpthosts in var/qmail on the IW server and your domain should be listed.

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How come the authentication still required failure if I already delete the email setting?

I mean I delete and cancel the domain email I used at namecheap not the domain.

And morover, where can I find the rcpthosts? which var/gmail? at IW server? you mean at siteworx or nodeworx…?

Im sorry for totally clueless… many thanks for the patience and keep responding for me.


You need to SSH into your IW server and run command view /var/qmail/control/rcpthosts

This will show you all domains. If your is missing, email will fail

I may be wrong over the file though, as it is late and I am tired.

Note it is not gmail buit QMAIL (should be lower case but q looks like a g)

What is your MX record

Do you see the failure when trying to send email from your email client or after it has been sent by email client

If you are not sure, could you login to webmail for the domain and send a test email - does this show same failure

Could you post full error from header of returned email but change your domain and any private details so they are not real

If you want to send me a PM with your domain, I can run external test to check a few things

Many thanks


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I found the SSH server at nodeworx system service tab, but I don’t know how to run the command…

And what do you mean the “if YOUR is missing” you mean the domains?

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And yes I have tried with webmail, the webmail able to send the message but its deliver at the spam… how to make it not deliver at spam? and even with webmail it still not able to receive from the other email only can send to spam.

Sure you can run external test to check it.


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The issue is your MX does not point at your IW server

[000.051] MX (10)
[000.052] MX (10)
[000.052] MX (10)
[000.052] MX (15)
[000.052] MX (20)
[000.062] MX:A–>
[000.074] MX:A–>
[000.083] MX:A–>
[000.092] MX:A–>
[000.101] MX:A–>

You have SPF setup, and this is the reason for spam classification as it is softfail and your IW server is not an authorised email sending server on SPF

If you do want test email without changing MX first, then you need to update your SPF to include your IW server IP address but you need to wait for SPF stale dns cache to flush first or lower SPF TTL to say 600 and test once current TTL has expired

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Wait I don’t get it… what is MX? and what is SPF?

So to allow authorised email sending, and not sending it to the spam, all I need to do is to update the SPF by including my IW server IP address? so how do I update it…? at nodeworx or siteworx…?


John is referring to DNS records.

An MX record is what routes mail to and from a server. Here is some info from a quick google:

And SPF record states what servers are permitted to send email from your domain name. It is useful to prevent spoofing: Again, some info from a quick google; What is an SPF record? Information about SPF records - DMARC Analyzer

If you are using InterWorx for DNS, you can edit DNS records in NodeWorx under System Services > DNS Server > Zones

If you are not using InterWorx for DNS, you have to edit the files where you DNS is being hosted.

Btw, when John was referring to viewing specific files and using SSH to access the server, he means doing all of that at the command line. Not from NodeWorx or SiteWorx. InterWorx requires familiarity with the Linux command line, as not everything is found in the GUI. You have to be able to use a terminal to use the SSH command to access your server for some tasks, like viewing or editing certain files.

Where did you purchase your license and server from? They may be a good point of contact for you in walking you through questions you may have with its mail and DNS set up.

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager

What am I supposed to edit on my DNS records…? and how do I connect my Interworx server to comand line?

I purchase the server at Interworx and the domain is at namecheap. so I supposed all the DNS and setting for this mail is supposed to be at Interworx.

Well the problem I’m very clueless to this, I just wanted my domain email (ex: to able to received and send message normally, but mine can’t do both only access denied.


Iworx-jenna is very good and I did not realise you may not have knowledge/understanding required sorry

Please do not attempt to SSH or run commands on your server - just use the IW-CP

Your domain is listed rcpthosts file as webmail works, which you posted it did

Your Interworx server is not your DNS provider (you have not chnaged namedservers to point to your Interworx server - this is OK bbut msot change nameservers to point to their server)

Your DNS must be made where your domain name is held - eg the company you pay for domain renewal (namecheap)

You would need to edit the DNS for the domain for record SPF and add a mx to it, so it would then match v=spf1 a mx ~all

The MX record change could only be advised as I do not know how you have your IW-CP setup, but guess it is default, so you would need to create an A record for mail.changetoyourdomain.url and set IP to match your A record.

The edit your current MX record and change to mail.changetoyourdomain.url

NOTE - changetoyourdomain.url means change this part to your correct domain name - It is also worth noting that only the mail is added for A record as most DNS already add the domain literal

As webmail worked, I think your authentication is not set in Outlook, so please read this from Liquidweb on how to correctly setup email in Outlook email client

If your emails are been sent to spam, it is not Interworx CP but a most likely a mixture of issues, such as SPF above, email content, IP and domain repution etc… and any new email server been used has to build up reputaion, so it is always marked neutral and scored accordingly

I hope that helps a little

Many thanks



I would recommend reaching out to Namecheap for information on the best way the use the server that they have provided you.

Also, honestly, unmanaged hosting may not be the best option for you. There are a lot of hosting and server providers out there who offer ‘managed’ servers, which means you can reach out to them for direct assistance in doing tasks like managing DNS records and setting up mail options. I know Namecheap is very hands-off for the InterWorx servers they provide and that may not be what will work out best for you, as you are just starting out. Most people who have a ‘beginning’ level of understanding for Linux, webhosting, DNS, mail etc, tend to use managed servers while they are learning.

I will also add to what John said above, regarding why messages may go to spam–if you are sending to gmail, especially, they are notoriously overzealous with their spam prevention tactics, and basically tend to send everything to spam as a default unless specific criteria is met.

This criteria includes a number of DNS records:
-often also DMARC

It will also often send to spam if:

-The domain being established is too new to have a positive reputation (this is nothing you can really manage)
-The domain or IP is or has recently been on a blacklist
-Messages from the domain (and maybe IP) have been marked as spam by users in the past
-The message looks like other messages that have been marked as spam in the past

There’s not a lot that can be controlled with a lot of gmail’s spam filtering decisions. It is a very common issue with new domains for gmail to just default send them to the spam folder.


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Hello it’s me again. sorry for the long response.

I have talked at the livechat about this. And at the end the mail service there need to have consume, Im still confuse that the namecheap agent mention that Interwox does not have an email service like cPanel.

Is the mailbox at siteworx is not a email service? the mailbox I used at siteworx able to create the email account but I just having error to use it… I’m really sorry for being very dumb and not knowing so many thing about this. everything is so confusing to me just to have a domain email to receive and send message for the domain.

So in conclusion, I found out that Interworx doesn’t have email service but I was wondering is that true?


They may mean that we use a different email program than cPanel. We use qmail and Dovecot vs cPanel, that uses Exim (we are going to be moving to Exim in the future, but no ETA). But outside of that, I don’t know what the Namecheap tech may have meant. You may want to ask them to clarify, as InterWorx 100% has mail services.


Also, while InterWorx direct support is technically reserved for direct customers, only, if you are still having issues sending/receiving email, I can take a look for you if you’d like. You would just need to submit a ticket at

With the ticket, you will need to provide the IP of the server, and the SSH port if it is anything other than 22.

You will also need to make sure that Remote Assistance is enabled. You can do so by either logging into Nodeworx and going to the Remote Assistance tab on the left sidebar, or by running the following command on your server:



Thank you very much Jenna! Alright I will clarify them about this! and that’s an awesome quick response there which I need currently,

But just to make sure, how do I see my IP address server and the SSH port?
This seem to be the IP address:
but where can I find the SSH port?

I found the my SSH server at nodeworx Home and it’s 22, so does that mean my SSH port is 22?


Yes, that means your SSH port is 22.

The IP address is the first part of the bit you provided:


Alright I have submitted the ticked. Thank you very much Jenna!