Some security questions

coming from cpanel I am trying hard to find similar things I used to use

Modsecurity and interface to control it, host access control panel that limits ssh to a particular ip, CSF seems not working ? It seems I need a lot of time to figure things out . If this has been already answered sorry just a link to the post will do

InterWorx doesn’t have a GUI for managing modsec and CSF doesn’t come installed by default. If you installed CSF manually, then it will be set in testing mode to start. This means it will function normally for 5 minutes on startup and then disable itself so you can’t accidentally lock yourself out of your server. You have to modify the csf.conf file to disable testing mode (near the top of the file) and then restart CSF/LFD.

CSF will try to disable APF and BFD if it detects them during installation.

If you want more of a GUI for security options and are using the latest InterWorx v7, I believe you can buy and install Immunify360. It might be a better choice if you’re not familiar with how to use your servers various options via the command line.


For CSF and cxs please see this post

I can confirm both work lovely and are very easy to configure from within nodeworx

Only very certain part need to be completed by ssh if needed

Many thanks


Thank you . What about Mod security ? Comodo etc? Any interface?

Sorry, not at this time. It is a feature we already have listed to work on but I don’t think we will be able to get to it until next year.