Translators Wanted - Free License And $$$

We are looking for translators for InterWorx-CP. For those who have translated in the past you qualify for this offer as well with your existing lang files.

We’re offering 1 FREE one-time license to anyone providing a complete language pack for any language besides English. This is based on a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE basis. The first complete lang pack we get for each language gets the license.

Beyond taking our current lang file and translating it you’ll also be required to do some touchups before our next release in July to make sure any new lang entries are caught.

The current lang file has about 3400 entries and all interested parties should e-mail clwells - at - or PM me for the current lang file.

The lang file entries are due by June 15th for BETA testing and anyone getting us a COMPLETE lang file by June 1st will also receive a $100 bonus via PayPal.

Please let me know if anyone has any questions.

Thanks and good luck!


If I translated it into 1337 speak, would that count? :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
(ie. Hello = |-|3110 )

sur3 Fr3d.


Count on me doing the Spanish translation!. I’m actually on line 2400!!! Just another 1000 to go! hahahaha!!!

Already done french. And already sent you the last FR release (much than one time !!! as it was not integrate in your last releases :-p )


ps :
the only things that is not volontary translated is all Cluster stuff. Indeed, firstly we couldn’t test the translation and secondly we think it is too much technical, and generalyy in france we speak English for those kind of things. All knows what is a cluster and a node, but in french the same terms are not understandable by all. But if you need we do it, we’ll do.

I just sent you the newest lang file Pascal and if you could translate the missing portions (including the cluster stuff) I’ll make sure you get the posted bounties.


We’ve had a few folks now show interest in doing Spanish. I’m happy to give out more lics if you all want to work together. The $100 may be split as well.


This took a few hours, but it looks… :smiley:

Here is a screenshot of 1337 Interworx (aka 1||73|2//0|2>< ) :slight_smile:

There isn’t a 1337 option in the add language thing though, but it works just as well adding it in as EN-UK :slight_smile:
Edit: Found languages.ini, so I can add in EN-L33T and EN-1337 :slight_smile:

I’m not sure about the P or the N though :stuck_out_tongue: I could make two versions, one L33T, with just E, A, O, T and L replaced by 3, 4 0, 7 and 1, and the other totally 31337 like the screenshot :wink:

haha I bet that’s what Dustins windows folders look like…

my folders did look like that until my unpatched win2k box got pwn3d by 1337 $cr1ptk1ddi3z and I switched to Ubuntu…

And Fr3d- nice work ;D

Thanks Dustin :slight_smile:

Here is the less-L33T version:

I can do a Danish translation, I’m affilated with the official Danish team ( and I’m the resident Gossip DK maintainer amongst other things. I have about 2? years experience translating FOSS software.

I can promise a peer reviewed translation and maintainership of the lang file.

The l33t translation is good, any need for an ebonics tralsation? How about haiku form?

I’ll definately vouch for Mr. Nielson, he’s helped Ubiquity with a few things - very knolwedgable guy on all accounts.

bah… Mr. Nielsen is bumbling fool - but he gets the job done

I wanted to update everyone to say that we now have a Spanish translation done :). Thanks to Poooh and Juangake!


Chris did you get my email? Are there any updates to the langauge file after the 2.1.3 release? If there are could you send me them please?

sent Fred.

David, shoot me an email and I’ll get you the latest language file.


I’ve sent the updated L33T and 1337 language files to you Chris :slight_smile:

Is this offer still valid?
I can help translate to Indonesian :slight_smile:


Maybe I’ll make a start to translate it in Dutch, but haven’t got the time now :frowning: