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I don’t know whether this is the right place, but my problem is that my website can not be accessed. This is making me anxious. Can someone please help me out of this dilemma?


Hi Jesse

Welcome to IW forums and you posted into a wrong thread. I have moved it for you

You need to give more details for anyone to help you and if you are the server admin, you could open a support ticket as you sound like you are a siteworx user and not a nodeworx user sorry.

What exactly is the error you are seeing (a screen shot is good - error 403, 404 etc…)
what is the homepage file called (index.php, index.html etc…)
Have you checked your DNS A record to ensure if is pointed at the IW server you use (ping is a good way to test this)
What is the IW-CP version you are using
What is the distro you are using
Is this a VPS or dedicated server

If you could update your post

Many thanks



Can you provide a bit more information?

It sounds as if you might have purchased hosting through a company that uses InterWorx to help make hosting websites easier for all involved.

If that is the case, do you remember the name of the hosting company?

Friendly Neighborhood InterWorx Support Manager

Hi Interworx,
Thanks for contacting me.
My domain name is:
My hosting service provider is:
It has taken about 2 weeks since my website went offline. When I contacted the service provider about it, they only said that that was happening because they were carrying out a system upgrade. But they refused to tell me how long the system upgrade was supposed to take. Am simply stranded. I don’t know what to do next.
Can someone help me please!

Hi Jesse,

Sorry to hear that you’re having an issue with your hosting provider. We have received many similar messages in recent days. Unfortunately, there is little we can do in situations like this. We don’t have the ability to access our customer’s servers (unless they specifically grant us access) nor can we manage accounts on their behalf. I can say, from our end, that there is no InterWorx-related system upgrade that takes multiple days to complete. I do know that ProfitHost was in the middle of a large server migration. This seems like a likely reason for their down time. Having said that, multiple days of downtime without communication would certainly frustrate anyone. I can only recommend that you continue to pressure your hosting provider to provide you with more information.

Thank you so much for this invaluable feedback.

It has really helped me.

Thanks and many blessings.


Kudos to IW for giving good advice…

Jesse, I could be wrong sorry and trust you did your research as I have just spent a few minutes looking into this now you have provided details.

IW - I apologise if I am wrong sorry, but theprofithost is linked from warriorplus and as I could only find reviews on theprofithost which appear to come from profithost (or so it appears to me) I noticed it is first linked from warriorplus. so looked into that and found the following:

I may be totally wrong, so apologise in advance over theprofithost as I can see they do use IW-CP.

Many thanks


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Yes John,
Yes, I bought services from Warriorplus and yes, theprofithost uses the IW CP.
I am only a lay man and I don’t know much about technicalities involved.
My major concern is that my site is down and have been accessing it via IW CP. May be theprofithost has issues with IW. But the same issues are having devastating effects on my business. Problem is, they (theprofithost) have decided to keep me in the dark.
Is it possible to migrate the site and still retain the status quo of site - I mean without losing some files and/or the design

Thanks and best regards

Hi Jesse,

It should be possible for you to migrate your site to another provider (provided that you can get ProfitHost to provide you with a backup). There are a lot of really good hosting providers that use InterWorx on their servers. Some of them are lurking in these very forums. It’s always tough to hear about a bad apple.

These are difficult situations for us, as a software provider. Once a hosting provider purchases our software, we aren’t really involved in how they utilize it or the level of service they provide. As with any service, if you’re not getting an appropriate level of service from your current provider, it seems only fair that you start looking for a new provider.

I’m not sure that I, as an InterWorx employee, am allowed to recommend any specific hosting providers, but others may be able to recommend services to you and you can always search “InterWorx hosting” on Google for more options.


All I can say is:
Thanks and many blessings.

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I had missed the link in your communication above yet, it contains the most valuable information that I needed.

I can’t thank you enough, but I you to know that am greatful.

Best regards,


Many thanks jesse1 and I hope you soon have it resolved.

I do not work for Interworx or Liquidweb and there are many excellent Interworx hosting companies worldwide. I am in UK.

Liquidweb is an obvious choice, but look up google as Brandon posted, or look through the forums as most display a signature, such as Justec, mdeinhardt, Nightwalker, Nico, nqservices etc… to name a few

However, if you do not have a full backup of your site, you would need to ask theprofithost for a full backup in order to transfer your site to a different hosting company.

Many thanks


Hi John,
I salute once again and very grateful for your kind support.
It turns out the theprofithost are just a banch quack infidels out to fleece the unsuspecting public of their hard earned dollars. They hijacked my website and don’t know what they are doing with it. I have tried several times pleading and praying that they return it to me at least but they have even stopped responding to my messages.
I am simply perplexed. I don’t know where or whom to turn to now.
If you think of anything else you can do to help me out of this predicament, please, don’t hesitate to let me know.
Thanks and many blessings.

I’m sorry that you had/are having such a bad experience with hosting through Profithost! I can understand how frustrating that must be. Have you been able to access SiteWorx for your domain at all? If so, if they provided your account the proper permissions, you may be able to create your own backup under Backups > Backup Now.

If you do not see that tab in SiteWorx, or still do not have access to SiteWorx, unfortunately, ProfitHost will need to provide you with the backup of your domain. Unless you still have one from when you moved your site to them, in the first place. :frowning:

Here are a few other hosting companies that use our software. Full Disclosure: Liquid Web is our parent company, and Nexcess is another hosting provider under the same company umbrella ( they were our parent company prior to us both being acquired by Liquid Web last summer).

I don’t usually blatantly recommend them due to obvious bias, but they do offer 24/7/365 email, phone, and chat support, with very knowledgeable techs. There is also an added benefit that they have a direct, and immediate, line to us in case of any serious issues/bugs, and vice versa.

I am very sorry that you are having so much difficulty. I wish there were more we could do to directly assist in this instance.


@jesse1 - there is 1 more issue you may have or not sorry…

Your domain name - did you register your domain name using a different provider to theprofithost

If so, you should be safe and have access to the domain nameservers where you can easily change DNS servers to a new provider

If you registered your domain with theprofithost, you may have issues moving the domain to another domain registrant, as it would need unlocking and then initiate a domain transfer to another provider.

Given how they are acting re your hosting, I do not think they would be helpful sorry.

If that is the case, you may want to register a different domain with a reputable domain registrant and purchase hosting space from a reputable hosting provider. Then either create your own site using one click installer of word press (as an example only) or pay to have a professional website created for you and ensure you have backups of the new site

I personally would not use any software from warrior plus, as you cannot guarantee it is free from malware or backdoors, and is used by any bad people (to propagate themselves or send spam/launch attacks), any reputable hosting provider would immediately bring your hosting down (stop) until you correct the issues.

This is to protect their reputation and stop them from been blacklisted on the internet.

Many thanks


Hi John,
Am indeed grateful for your kind responses.
They (theprofithost) have finally given me access to the control panel but my site is not loading at all. And there is a warning from google that the site is not secure and I don’t know what it means.
Can you shed some light on this please


In the URL bar in your browser, does it say or

It sounds like you are accessing the domain from Is that correct?

If so, that is the “secure” http protocol, which generally requires what is called an SSL certificate. This certificate proves that the domain is safe, secure, and is what it says it is. It is designated by a little lock icon in the URL bar.

If you do not have an SSL certificate associated with your domain a few things can happen:

-The browser gives a warning that the site is not secure
-When you access your site over https, a different website shows in the browser

The first is your browser letting you know that the domain you are accessing has not been proven to be secure.

The second is because of how Apache (the webserver) handles multiple domains on the same IP address. Each domain has a file called a vhost file. Vhost files provide information such as IP address, PHP version, where the domain’s home directory is located on the server, etc. It’s basically a little blueprint for the backend structure of the site.

If you access a domain on a shared IP over https, and that domain does not have an SSL certificate associated with it, Apache will see that the request came in over https, and think to itself “They specifically asked for a secure domain, but this domain doesn’t have an SSL certificate. I should give them a domain that does, since that is what they asked for”, and will load the vhost for the first domain, alphabetically, on that IP address that does have SSL information listed.

So that is why you may see a different site in the browser, even though you typed in

This can be resolved easily by adding an SSL certificate. :slight_smile:

You can do this in SiteWorx by navigating to Hosting Features > Domains > SSL. At the top of the page, you should see a button that says “Generate all with Let’s Encrypt”. Let’s Encrypt is a service that provides SSL certificates for free.

Here is some documentation that may be helpful to you:

If you do not see an option for SSL listed in SiteWorx under Hosting Features > Domains, that means ProfitHost did not provide your SiteWorx account the permissions to make that change. You will need to contact them to have them set that permission for you.

As a note: Let’s Encrypt has a thing called rate limiting in place. This means that, if you try to create an SSL certificate and it fails for some reason 7 times, it will lock you out of being able to try again for a week. It is recommended to always try to generate an SSL certificate in “Staging” mode first, as a test. This is done by selecting “Staging” from the dropdown where it says “Mode” in the Let’s Encrypt SSL generation form. If the test succeeds, then select “Live” from the “Mode” dropdown and try again to create the real certificate.

Hopefully that helps! Let me know if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

Wow! I can’t thank you enough!
Your guide has really worked magic for me. I am super excited. At last my site is back to life.
Thanks and God Bless.


@IWorx-Jenna - sorry Jesse1 means the siteworx login page which would not use his domain SSL

@Jesse1 - you can either accept the SSL error and continue to load the page or you can use this link, which would not give you an SSL error

The login to your siteworx account and if possible, got to backups, backup now

Also, goto hosting features, FTP, accounts and create a new FTP for yourself and save. Then FTP into the server using your credentials and see what you have (I would download everything)

Honestly, I suspect their is no website to download but I could be entirely wrong sorry as it is a gut feeling…

also, goto hosting features, mysql, phpmyadmin and click on our your database, export and download the database leaving everything as defaults. If phpmyadmin does not show anything, goto hosting faetures, mysql, database and check if any database is shown (note - there may not be a database if your website did not use a database - if wordpress, there should be a database)

Again I could be wrong as I do suspect there is nothing but default IW-CP siteworx files for domain, so apologies in advance if am wrong sorry

Lastly, your domain has DNS issues as your nameservers are not responding

Your name server is NOT responding to NS record queries!

Your name server is NOT responding to NS record queries!

Many thanks



Sorry it is indeed working so I was totally wrong sorry. However, I was not seeing anything so perhaps its a USA/UK lag

I would still make a full backup though…

Many thanks