New filemanager? OpenLiteSpeed? Backups?


I’m interested in Interworx after the cPanel price hike, however, is there any ETA for the new file manager? and new backup system?

Also, is there a possibility to add OpenLiteSpeed as webserver?

Those are the only things to make me want to move to DirectAdmin instead of Interworx.

Hi desfire and welcome!

We created a backup script a while back that allows for easily setting up a backup cron for all siteworx accounts. As well as daily, weekly and monthly retention. Plus a custom backup location like /backup. Its missing s3 and other remote storage options but its fairly easy to setup a post backup task for most of those. Working on creating a plugin for this script now and we will be adding an incremental option asap. This is a stop gap measure until we can build a fully featured backup manager.

We found a replacement file manager but as the current has all the standard features we have not prioritized it. There are some bugs with the current filemanager and v7 domain switching that we will have fixed soon.

We might have some room for another project this year and I think the filemanager I have in mind may be fairly simple to integrate. I’ll bring this up on Monday.

We have a lot of customers using Litespeed alongside Interworx. The plugin we have lets Interworx know that Litespeed is their so Interworx does not mess with it. This is something we will want to extend, but likely not this year as Litespeed does work on Interworx already. I don’t think openlitespeed is much different?

We will have a new version of the Acronis plugin out shortly. Adding a folder, file and DB restore UI.

Mailman is shortly going to be released soon too.

As well as a v6 to v7 conversion and upgrade tool.

Next we plan to focus on a completely reworked migration tool, which we hope to have done this year.

We are also starting on Imunify360 support shortly too.

Great, the only thing I don’t like about current file manager is the design, more than the functions themselves, with a design look-a-like like the current panel design would be great. Feature-wise it has everything I need.

When it comes to backups, it’s a big issue here. DirectAdmin has JetBackup and also bu-backups. Incrementals backups is what I currently use -to storage servers-

OpenLiteSpeed is different than LiteSpeed and the main difference is that OpenLiteSpeed is free, DirectAdmin, CyberPanel and other panels use it as webserver, it’s faster than Nginx and Apache and it’s 100% free, it lacks some of the features of LiteSpeed but speed-wise is the same.

So I have those cons that will probably make me go with DirectAdmin, whereas your pros are the design, it’s flawless and more similar to cPanel -yet, quite different, which is good- but it’s really user-friendly.

Thanks for the feedback.

I see, openlitespeed cannot use apache core and vhost confs, just .htaccess rewrites. So not as easy to integrate. Still I’ll work up a proof of concept as soon as I have time to get an idea of what will be needed.

Agree with you about the design of the old file manager. It will be going away asap. Hopefully this year.

Jetbackup is another product we want to integrate. Technically a standalone install will work as is. But you will want to add a prebackup Siteworx accounts structure only backup script. JetBackup will likely not be added until next year.

I have not taken a look at Bu-backups yet but will now.

You are welcome, thanks to you for taking it into considertion. I think the IU is very important for a control panel and Interworx’s is really a good one.

I hope postfix and mailman release is soon. I have also seen the RoadMap and it looks really good. For now I have moved most of my cPanel servers to DirectAdmin as it has all the features that I want for now, but Interworx is looking more promosing to me in the long-run.

I will, however, install a trial on one of my VPS and test it with my own hands instead of just the demo. Your priority backlog it also seems promising.

Again, thanks for everything. I will install it and will review of pros and cons :slight_smile:

Oh, I have another doubt, on the website it says: First 3 months are free but then it says 2 weeks trial? which one is the current promotion?

You can go for either. 2 week trial does not require a billing account, you just have to fill out the form on

The free 3 months offer requires a billing account creation and normal order.


Apologies for bumping this again, is it possible to use nginx or varnish on Interworx? or at least as proxy? is it built-in or does it need to be manually done? Is there a tutorial if it’s not built-in?

No Problem,

In Nodeworx, System Services, Web Server you can change the http and https ports. This means you can install varnish or nginx and have those handle port 80 and 443 connections.

However at this time Interworx does not manage configuration for either service. Hopefully we will be able to change that at some point. But for now you would have to configure nginx or varnish manually.

If you are interested in building automation for this I can get more information on setting up post vhost create hooks etc. I know our documentation is not the best at the moment in this area.

It would be great, I think nginx was already implemented as I saw on the forum that was being added in version 5. Currently it would be the only panel with no nginx, with the exception of cPanel, but it has 3rd parties like Engintron that makes up for the lack of internal support

Sorry nginx has never been supported out on the box on Interworx. Nginx reverse proxy + cache is something we want to add and likely will but there are other priorities this year. I will update the roadmap as soon we know when we will be able to work on it.

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@desfire, I am a v6 Interworx user who came from WHM/cPanel several months ago. I’ve been using their backup script to do a daily local backup to a secondary drive on a dedicated server. The backup script may not have a UI, but it’s extremely easy to set up and deploy. It doesn’t really need a UI. It has worked flawlessly for me, and sends me an email every day with the backup results so I know it’s doing its job. In combination with Acronis for an off-site backup, it’s all I need.

Unless someone kindly explains to me what this is all about, I have not understood and I don’t what it is.
Thanks and best regards.


@jesse1 - this topic is for sys admins/nodeworx admins.

It is understandable that most siteworx users do not work with servers for their day jobs…

However, the topic is about server backups, changing hosting core service from apache to Openlitespeed (litespeed or nginx) and the usability of file manager from within IW-CP

Many thanks


Hi John,
Thanks so much for your kind response.
The only challenge is that I did not quite follow you properly. Can you come again please


InterWorx, as a software, has two sides to it:

-NodeWorx, which is used for server management
-SiteWorx, which is used for domain management

This thread is dealing with the NodeWorx side, which includes things like server/mass account backup, what service to use for the webserver, file management, etc.

So if you are a SiteWorx user, meaning you purchase hosting from a hosting company, and access the control panel via a link like https://12.34.56:2443/siteworx, these are topics that you may not have a lot of familiarity with (nor need to, since that is what you have the hosting company for :smiley:).

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OMG Jenna that is an excellent explanation. Kudos to you

Many thanks


So I have been testing IW for a while and I’m impressed, of course, I am missing a lot of features of cPanel but that’s understandable, what I like is that you seem to have a roadmap which is great, hopefully new features are added songs.

Honestly, what I am missing the most -and mostly because it’s user-wise and not admin- is a good file manager, this one is not only that looks old but it has some errors and even if you have a lot of files you need to navigate through pages which is a pain.

Also, at least Nginx native support willl be excellent -or a tutorial of how to install-

This is what I think we will end up using. I need to have legal take a look at the license and sign off on it and a dev to work on the integration. I did some work on a POC earlier in the year and it looks like we can use it in a similar way to our current file manager with minimal code changes.

I’m hoping for this year but cannot be sure yet.

If I recall correctly there was a set of nginx scripts that I used to use on cpanel before engintron that might integrate with Interworx hooks. I’ll see if I can find it. If I have any luck I will create a forum topic on it and possibly a github project.